The morning of Sunday 27th brought some big smiles to peoples faces which may have evaporated later in the day due to a certain football game.  The reason of these smiles was the London Bikeathon which took place on a beautiful summer’s day in London.

Every year we assist at the London Bikeathon which is run by Leukaemia and Lymphoma research.  The idea is simple, have three marked routes around London, get some of your friends together and get on your bikes to raise money for a great cause!  We set up mechanical support stations at three of the main hubs of the Bikeathon: Chelsea, Thames Barrier, and Ham House.  With temperatures near 30 degrees we were very impressed by everyone’s positive moods and determination to make it around on such a hot day!

A very busy easy up at the Ham House stop!

Throughout the day we fixed gears, punctures, chains, seats, told jokes, chatted with riders, you name it, we did it!  The atmosphere was contagious and if you haven’t done a Bikeathon before we strongly recommend you get out and do one!  For more info on Bikeathons in your area click here.

Thanks heaps to Tom, Danielle, and all the Bikeathon crew for inviting us and to all the Evans Staff that helped out on the day.  See everyone next year!

Lucky we had some shade on such a hot day!