Welcome to the new Ride It Blog page.

To start our shiny new page I thought I ‘d experiment with a running post of the Ride It team at this years MM.

Having done the event about 5 times in the past, including single speed and solo, I’ve stayed clear for a few years. Some of the team, however, are pretty new to endurance events having started last year ( I think)  The main culprits are Mark, Jon, Keith and Debs and they have recently been joined by Mike. As a mixed team at Set2rise they put in a sterling performance to come in with a 3rd place podium.

So to this year. Jon is our Gore rep and had managed to double book himself with a working weekend in Switzerland and Mike broke a few ribs on a recent ride. This left the guys a bit short, so I’ve been drafted in to help out! Not had my racing legs on for a while so this might actually turn out to be a bit of a handicap.

I’ll update this during the weekend to let you know how we’re getting on and if we’re still speaking :-)