Hello to you all and welcome to my blog. My Name is Bruce and I have been working for Evans Cycles for the past 3 years currently managing the Birmingham store. Over the coming year I will be updating this site with posts regarding the testing of products, training, epic rides and some reviews of the events I have entered as part of the Evans Cycles Ride It Rate It Team.

My first event is in July this year with the 12 hour Torchbearer event at the Twentyfour12 in Newham Park Plymouth. I have never done as solo event before so have chosen this as a starting point because it is only 12 hours and is a good point in the year to see how all my hard training is paying off.

My second and Main event for the year is the 100 Mile Kielder. This will be an epic ride and I’m already looking forward to endless single track and riding 100 miles never crossing the same point twice. I have ridden well over 100 Miles on my Road bike before but riding it off road will be a real challenge.

Along with all this I will be reviewing and testing kit with all my training and hopefully taking in some of the Evans Ride It Events on my weekends off from managing the Birmingham Branch of Evans Cycles.

I look forward too any comments or questions you might have over the coming year.