I have been cycling for about the last 8 years and worked for Evans for 5 years where I have been able to encompass my passion (or obsession) within my working day.

The riding I like the most is racing, pushing myself to the limit especially in Time Trials, myself against the clock trying to better a previous time and beat my team mates. 10’s. 25’s, 50’s or 100 miles being the usual distances. Also dotted within these races I try to compete in Road Racing which I am currently a 3rd Cat rider.

I have been in the Crawley Wheelers for the last 3 years and race in their colors as well as recently becoming a member of the Mid Sussex Tri Club.

I was introduced into Tri less than a year ago with the Mid Sussex Triathlon (Short) and then completed the Hever Castle Triathlon (Sprint) later in the year.

Loving the adrenalin of going from one sport to another made me go for the Ironman in Lanzarote which I competed and finished a couple of weeks ago. I am a keen triathlete and want to explore this in more depth. My strength is on the bike out of the 3 disciplines.

I commute most days into work depending on what training I have planned and this is a 38 mile round trip. This will be on a road bike or a Steel Fixed wheel.

Over winter I still commute and racing turns to cyclo-cross which takes up most Sunday’s racing in the London Cyclo Cross League.

I have a very understanding wife and 3 daughters who fit into my busy schedule nicely.