Winter certainly happened this month, I had to get the lights, leg warmers, over shoes and the winter gloves out to combat the freezing morning commutes into work!

A good amount of Cyclo Cross, commuting, running and a technique session in the pool this month as the weekly turbo sessions took a back seat due to other training commitments.

The first week was commuting and catching up on some rest days, but I enjoyed the savage muddy race at Redbridge Cycling Centre for London League Round 3 of Cyclo Cross.
This was a long course with some technical descents and some really muddy sections, which caught me out on lap 2 as I hit the deck hard catching my left ankle badly. My off road handling skills are not something to right home about, but I persevered and completed 5 laps with the top boys doing 6. I placed 60th out of a 110 start list.

Into the 2nd week I started running again and completed 3 sessions totalling 22 miles and 150 miles commuting on the bike. At the weekend I had decided not to race and did a swim session focusing on technique at my local pool.

Week 3 and I was all fired up for the forthcoming Cyclo Cross Race at Fowlmead Country Park in Deal. It was a 2 hour drive to race for an hour but having raced there before I loved the course. I was not wrong! A dry day and a superb course! There were 3 times you had to get off the bike and run up steep climbs as well as some steps to contend with. A smaller field this week and I finished 42nd out of 80.

On Halloween it was a trip to Barns Greens, West Sussex for the annual Half Marathon. I was hoping to better last year’s time of 2:04.56 by getting below 2 hours. It was the usual rainy day but not as bad as last year and this year I had dressed accordingly.
There was a bigger field with over 1600 runners which made the start very entertaining. I felt good running at my own pace until around mile 8 when the first big hill came. I remembered walking up this last year and I wasn’t about to do the same this time round. I knew walking wouldn’t help me achieve sub 2 hours!
I carried on at a decent pace and had the luck of joining a fellow MSTC member to help over the last 2 miles.
My official time was 1:52.58 and the route can be seen here