Three rounds of the London League Cyclo Cross, a decent amount of commuting and several trips to Roehampton University basically wrapped this month up with no chance of running or swimming!

Over 500 miles commuting on my BMC SLX Race Master and Gary Fisher Fixie made good base mile training for the weekends racing.

For three Wednesday’s on the bounce I met up with Luke Budden in the SPARC research centre at Roehampton University to undertake a cycling study which is investigating the effect of a sports drink on cycling performance. The rationale for the study is to investigate whether differing sweeteners used in sports drinks affect performance at all, which to date has never been investigated.

So, the first visit was a preliminary trial where Luke collected baseline data (VO2 max/Watt max test) and then I completed a familiarisation trial. This lasted 2.5 hours. The second and third visits were the experimental trials. On each of these occasions I completed a 2 hour glycogen completion trial, cycling at 55% Watt max, followed by an hours rest and then a 40 K time trial. This  took 4.5 – 5 hours.

Both of the experimental trials need to be conducted in the morning and I was required to fast overnight and not to eat until after the trial!

I had to bring my own bike, shoes and kit. The experiment  involved using the Lode (a cycle ergometer) and the CompuTrainer (a turbo trainer). The 40 K Time Trial was the bike leg of the Manhattan Triathlon.

For results and info, George Lee, fellow colleague and tester will be putting a more detail blog article together. Watch out for that.

Cyclo Cross was raced at Stanmer Park Brighton, Gunpowder Park Waltham Abbey and PORC in Penshurst, Kent. Well….. all I can say about that was MUD MUD MUD!

Brighton proved to be OK for the first 3 laps but when the rain stopped the mud became like glue. I finished 37th out of 104.

The race at Waltham Abbey was again muddy and relatively flat, but a long course. Unfortunately on lap 4 the mud took effect and the rear mech hanger broke throwing the mech into the wheel, game over – DNF! Part of the fun with cross is the amount of mud you have to clean off your bike after a race.

PORC proved not to muddy but frozen solid, this made for a hellish bumpy race and very fast in the downhill sections, I finished 48th out of 85.