A cold and snowy start to the month saw commuting to work take on another level!

The snow came down hard and I fished out my Pinnacle Arrow Mountain Bike to attempt the ride in, check out the pictures. The roads were peaceful and it only took a few more minutes than normal to do the usual 38 mile commute.

As the snow melted I decided to ride one of my Cyclo Cross bikes as this would be slightly quicker but still using knobbly tyres. 420 miles riding so a pretty low month on the bikes.
I did however manage to run twice with friends and this was a couple of 8 milers.

As for Cyclo Cross racing there was only the one race that I did this month as snow forced Round 11 at Herne Hill to be cancelled as the Velodrome had filled up with snow! This proved to be quite entertaining as I went out training in the snow at home with a couple of the Wheelers. The deep snow was like riding through sand and was a harder workout that first anticipated.

Round 12 on of the London League Cyclo Cross League on the 27th of December took place at Footscray Activity Centre in Sidcup, Kent. Apparently the oldest race in the country. As I remembered from a couple of years ago when I did this course it was bumpy as hell and this time snowy. As the race progressed and the snow melted from the amount of cycles that were going over the course and it became once again a muddy affair. I managed 5 laps with the lead boys doing 6 and I came 56th out of 90.

The New Year will definitely bring in some real focus as I try to shed of the excess of Xmas and a below than average amount of training!

Run, Bike, Swim will be back on the agenda big time.

Safe Riding.