It’s been a while since I put pen to paper so to speak so here’s an update on what I’ve been up to over the last few months.

Having done the usual annual pilgrimage to France with a group of fellow Wheelers in April this stood me in good stead for the upcoming Road Racing and Time Trial seasons. The trip consists of riding to Dover from the Hayward’s Heath area in Sussex and then catching the ferry over to Calais before heading down the coast to Boulogne. We head for a little town called Wimereux on route and it’s a race to get the sign. The first day riding distance worked out at 107 miles. Have a look at the Garmin route Check out this picture we took at the sign.

Normally it’s a bit of a beer fest on the night but all riders seemed to be in bed relatively early thinking about the following days ride down to Dieppe to catch the ferry back to Newhaven. The second day riding always tells on the legs as the pace ups to an average of over 20mph for the windy ride along the coast. Again it’s a race to get into Dieppe first and the second days riding amounted to around 112 miles. An excellent riding weekend and we managed to bump into Tour de France legend Sean Yates. We even got him in one of our jerseys!

The Time Trial season has well and truly kicked in with me placing top 3 on all of the Crawley Wheelers club TT’s. Starting with low 22’s for the 10’s and then getting into the 21’s. I managed to do my best time on the G10/57 course last month with a 21:17 in the SCCU open 10, placing 5th out of 90!

In May I did my first sprint triathlon of the year and this was in East Grinstead. My finish time was 1:19:34, slightly down on previous time but an effort none the less.

Swim 00:09:28 – 500m

T1 00:01:59

Cycle  00:43:58 – 26km

T2  00:01:04

Run  00:23:03 – 5km

Overall 01:19:34

I placed 38th with a big group of fellow Mid Sussex Tri Club mates.

As the weather got better I enjoyed the daily commute and started some open water swimming in Ardingly reservoir and Southwater Lake. I had forgotten what a squeeze it was to get the wetsuit on and how murky it was swimming outside.