Dear Reader,

A very warm welcome to the Ride It blog!

This is a place to find out about the latest cycling products and what we think of them, rides and events happening across the UK, and what our staff and stores are up to.

We have thought long and hard about why we should blog, and what we can offer, and for us it simply boiled down to a few things:

Firstly, riding bikes is all about fun – we want to be able to share that!

Secondly, we should be able to involve our customers more in the products we sell, and help you make a more informed choice (it can be a bit overwhelming out there!). This means you get our honest opinion on stuff we review. Nothing makes us happier than someone getting the right gear for riding.

Last but not least, we often find there is a perception of Evans Cycles as a bit ‘corporate’. So we think opening up is a good idea, and you’ll see we are just a bunch of people who love riding bikes and all that comes with it.

We are really keen that our blog evolves, based on your needs, so please tell us what you’d like to see in the comments section below.

Now then, onto the fun part!

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