We don’t want to be negative – really, we love riding our bikes (to see HOW much, see our Instagram feed). However, there are some moments when the warm glow of love for the bicycle is slightly overshadowed..

Here are our top 10 most hated moments…


1)  When you’re going on holiday with your bike, begin remove the pedals for packing, and they don’t come off straight away. Next up: Bashing hand on chain ring in attempt to remove tight pedals, taking complete bike to bike shop for use a pedal spanner. (Next time you put your pedals on – use grease, and do not overtighten).


(More on holidays be bike here.)

2)  When cleaning the bike takes longer than riding it..


3)  When you get a puncture. Remove tube. Don’t bother to check tyre because it is cold/wet/you’re tired. Replace tube. Pump tyre. Roll 5 minutes down the road and find yourself deflated again because the nail/flint/whatever is still in there.


4) When you’re racing someone up a climb. You click up or down a gear, and your chain comes off. Rookie error. Still, makes us want to do this: (we will apologise to the bike after)


 (Image: britishcyclesport.com)

5)  When it rained yesterday, your shoes got soaked – and then you left them in a heap and they’re now both wet and smelly. (FYI – the Sir Chris Hoy tip for preventing this is filling them with newspaper – always). 

TDE_JoelRain (2)

6) When it’s been a LONG day, and you’re REALLY tired. You think there is only 1 mile to go, and then realise there are actually 8.


7) When the unavoidable hole starts to form in the toe of your new overshoes, destroying the perfection that once was. They used to be so lovely..


8)  When you’ve got 20 minutes to get to the club ride meeting place/sportive start/race start. It takes 20 minutes to get there, and you can only find one arm warmer, one mitt and one leg warmer. (This guy found arm warmers, leg warmers- but no mitts!)


9)  When you’re out on a recovery ride, and then someone who you imagine is probably slower than you overtakes (like this guy, below..). Thus begins an internal battle between discipline and pride. (Cut to the chase – pride always wins.)


10)  When that “Uh-Oh! So-and-so stole your KOM/QOM” email drops into your inbox. Damn Strava.



Oh – and one more…


Have you got a moment to add? Tell us in the comments…