Evans Cycles is old – positively wrinkly, in fact – we’re over 90, and we’re made up of over 1,000 individuals. Within our ranks, we’ve got cyclists of every kind. And they know cyclists of more kinds. Who know… You see where we’re going.

The cycling world is wide and vast, and it’s made up of many types of cyclist who identify with a myriad of different styles if riding, and with that cultures, ideas, and views on the right length to wear your socks…

This summer, we’re all about celebrating the differences that define cyclists, and reveling in the unity that we all share in the common wheel.

Here’s 10 sets of 3 statements made by different tribes of riders. Which would you add your voice to? Can you name the groups?


We use our legs, not gears

We know how to track stand with the best of em

We dress the bike with 50 mm rims to take it for a coffee



(image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/263742121902562410/)

We map our rides by Strava segments

We know leg shaving isn’t just for girls

We collect cycling caps like Girl Guides collect badges


We get from A to B  but pick up moments of joy on the way

We know we don’t pay road tax, and that neither does anybody else

We’re the one next to the window, with the bike under the desk


Ride 2 Work Scheme by Evans Cycles

We think 20 seconds is worth 20 years of toil 

We know the club 10 is about more than 10 miles

We know watts carry meaning but time is a temptress

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We’re getting used to life behind bars

Nearly every experience by bike so far has been a cherry popper

We’ve seen each season arrive this year in a brand new ‘cycling initiated’ light


Image: shirtmandude.com

Image: shirtmandude.com


We know how to #HOLDOURLINE

We wear road rash like a badge of honour

We learnt the difference between embrocation and chamois cream (the hard way).

We know a leftie isn’t about handwriting

We give kudos for #Faceplants

We think a clean bike is a neglected bike


We ride with a copy of the highway code ingrained in our mind

We’ll only wear lycra if it’s yellow, pink or glow-in-the-dark

We read the instruction manual that came with our helmets (and kept the box)


We want to see the 4 corners of the globe on 2 wheels

We carry our lives in panniers to save memories in our minds

We think every ride deserves a cake of commemoration 


We know a club run isn’t about trainers

We’ve got kit in club colours older than your children

We still marshall the races we won 40 years ago

Image: www.oldbike.eu

Image: www.oldbike.eu

We strive to balance n+1 with s-1

We know out and back still takes you somewhere

We ride away to find our peace of mind 


We ride little bikes with big passion

We like to pogo in the park and superman on city streets

We wear our trousers low but we’ll prove we can jump high

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith


Don’t identify with any of these groups? Sum yourself up in 3 statements and we’ll try to work out who you are…