Being a company of dedicated cyclists we’re passionate about helping others discover the pleasure and convenience of riding a bike.

We know one of the reasons that holds back many would be cyclists, especially commuters is a concern over safety.  A safe environment for cyclists is a fundamental need, and whilst progress is being made to improve this there is always more that can be done.

That’s why we’re lending our support to The Times Cities Fit for Cycling campaign.  We agree that more needs to be done to improve the environment for cyclists and we are encouraged by the awareness this campaign is creating and the way the campaign is rallying  together stakeholders from a range of areas (all with the common interest in getting more people on bikes, and people cycling more).

What can our customers do?

Pledge your support
If you would like to pledge your support to the campaign you can do so on The Times website.

Ask your MP to support cycling
On the 23rd of February an early day motion (EDM 2689) is being tabled for the government to take action to improve the cycling infrastructure.  This is the first step in a process to further galvanise support for cycling within Parliament.  In order for this to succeed and have our politicians take note, as many MP’s as possible need to vote for this motion.  You can send a message to your MP via The Times website asking them to vote for Early Day Motion 2689. Typically if an MP receives five or so letters on a particular issue he/she will take note – so your action really can make a difference.

Pick up a badge
Pick up a Cities Fit for Cycling badge from your local Evans Cycles Store and show your support (only 5000 badges are available – first come first served).