We have received an invitation last week to a Brompton event, where something exciting was to be launched. The event was held yesterday at Betjeman Arms at St. Pancras with the Eurostar platforms acting as a grandiose backdrop. The exciting new product was the Brompton Oratory Jacket, Brompton’s first foray into clothing.

First, it looked like a regular jacket, the unsuspecting eye didn't really see anything special.

But as soon as we were allowed to try it on, all the clever features were revealed.

The collar can be flipped and it not only protects you from the rain but also reveals a big patch of reflective material, making sure that you are visible to other road users even in the worst weather conditions.

Brompton staff was at hand to answer any questions.

The back of the jacket was designed in a way to give freedom of movement and flexibility while riding. There are also pit zips to increase ventilation.

Clever, foldable cuffs that not only protect your hands but reveal another reflective patch.

Having safety in mind, they designed this hi-viz flap, that can be easily tucked back into its little container after the ride.

Finally, one of the greatest feature of the jacket is that it's absolutely waterproof and it's done without using any petrochemicals.

Having tried the jacket on, even the Large was big enough for me ( I’m 6’4″) and interestingly, the arms were long enough, which is often a concern if you have longer-than-average arms. The jacket definitely looks interesting and we’ll review one as soon as it hits the shelves in September.