Evans Cycles are excited to announce the arrival of Cole Wheels to UK shores, with their comprehensive range of road, TT/Tri, MTB and CX handbuilt wheels available exclusively from our nationwide network of 43 stores and online/mailorder facilities from early June. The inventive, small-sized US wheel company was established as recently as 2004 and has adopted a unique and distinctly innovative approach to the design and construction of its hubs and rims, centring largely around their patent-pending, and hugely inventive DSA system (Dynamic Spoke Alignment).

Cole realised that a high tension wheel was a surefire way of providing a wheelset that was not only lightweight but also strong and durable. Aware of the limitations of the traditional J-bend spoke and hub/rim interface Cole set to work on engineering something completely different – the result is the patented DSA lacing system, resulting in vastly improved wheel stiffness, strength and durability, spoke life and all without the burden of a hefty weight penalty.

The DSA system consists of double-threaded, self-aligning, straight-pull spokes (instead of using traditional spokes with a J-bend at the hub) that thread into a small alloy cylinder, which is captured in the hub flange. The cylinder is free to rotate, allowing the spoke to self-align perfectly with a standard nipple at the rim hole, at its natural position.

There are a number of advantages to this system over the conventional J-bend spoke/drilled hub flange interface :

Imroved Tension – DSA allows Cole wheels to use high-tension assembly and maintain that tension. The straight double threaded spoke has only the elasticity of the spoke material, which retains tension longer unlike the characteristics of J-bend spokes. This translates to better power transfer, as less energy is lost in the flex of spokes. More rigid wheels offer crisper acceleration and improved tracking through corners.

- Fatigue Strength / Durability – The Cole design distributes the high-tension load into a larger area of the reinforced hub flange through the DSA alloy cylinder nipples, resulting in a longer hub life. Straight pull spokes with formed ends require heavily reinforced, weighty spoke mounts at the hub. The Swiss-made, cold-drawn butted straight spokes found in Cole wheels using DSA technology equal increased strength without the need for a beefy, reinforced hub. Straight-pull, butted spokes eliminate the stress and breakage of traditional J-bend spokes at the elbow.

- Perfect alignment – The movable cylindrical hub nipple moves to perfectly align with the spoke during assembly (DSA). As a result, the spoke strength is improved, the durability is increased, and long-term tension is assured.

All wheelsets use a distinctive blue anodized freehub body, 3-pawl leaf spring engagement system and high quality LU contact seal bearings front and rear, for improved protection from the elements.

Given that Cole are still a relatively contemporary company, the brand has already amassed a long list of professional endorsements, results and accolades:

Stevie Smith piloted his EVIL-MS Racing MTB equipped with Massif DH wheelset to a number of top ten finishes in last years’ UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and a coveted silver place finish at the World Championships at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec.

Reknowned bespoke framebuilder Richard Sachs has adopted Cole as wheel of choice for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross team, using the T25 Lite alloy tubular wheelset to great effect – “For the 2009 season I changed out only one component from the year before (my wheels). By December, I’d won six races and finished first in the USA Cycling’s Men’s Masters Cyclocross ranking. Cole T24 wheels rock atmo.”

The road wheels have also had plenty of action, even up to UCI ProTour level – Cole were official wheel sponsor for Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team last year and have recently signed one of Spain’s top Continental squads, Caja Rural Cycling Team for the 2011 season.

The initial UK-offered range will start from £199.99 and top out at £1299.99srp. All models will be offered in pairs only, with the exception of the rear disc wheel and front tri-spoke. All Cole wheelsets are warranted to the original retail purchaser to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the original date of purchase.

All models will be offered in pairs only, with the exception of the rear disc wheel and front tri-spoke. Wheelsets come supplied with a double padded wheelbag, Cole’s hollow Chromo shaft QR’s with cold-forged alloy lever and nut, valve extenders for the wheels with deeper section rims and Cole’s carbon-specific for the full carbon tubular and clincher wheelsets.

Here’s a rundown of the full initial UK range…

C24 Lite - The workhouse of Cole’s road range; DSA technology with a low-profile aluminium clincher rim, the C24 Lite features a 24mm ARAYA rim, made in Japan, laced to swiss-made, cold-drawn butted spoke for the ultimate all-round wheelset. £274.99srp (pair) / 1650g per pair / Campag freehub option

T24 Lite - A lightweight aluminium tubular CX wheel, raced to more than 20 victories by the Richard Sachs Cyclocross team. All the benefits of DSA technology with the affordability and consistent, all-weather braking performance of an aluminium rim. £274.99srp (pair) / 1540g per pair

C38 Lite - New for 2011, Cole’s C38 Lite has a brand new full-carbon 38mm clincher rim. For those looking for a shallower rim profile than the C58 Lite, the versatile C38 presents itself as a great all-rounder in any race environment with a sensible balance of aero performance and weight. £999.99srp (pair) / 1670g per pair / Campag freehub option

T38 Lite - Popular with Cole’s professional cyclocross racers in Belgium, this 38mm full-carbon tubular wheelset is right at home either slicing through the Belgian mud or cutting Flemmish crosswinds. £799.99srp (pair) / 1360g per pair

T50 Lite - A full 50mm full carbon tubular rim which is both tough, stiff and extremely aerodynamic. Raced to more than 200 victories, from Flemish classics to French stage races. £899.99srp (pair) / 1520g per pair

C58 Lite - Upgraded for 2011 (formerly C50 Lite) through direct feedback from the Caja Rural team riders. A further 8mm has been added to the rim profile and a ‘heat shield’ Teflon-based coating has been added to the braking surface to improve braking performance. £1099.99srp (pair) / 1720g per pair

AC58 Lite - The AC58 Lite has a deep, 58mm rim profile and combines carbon and alloy in Cole’s carbon-aluminium matrix rim. Fully aero yet incredibly stiff and strong due to the wheels’ aluminium foundations, the AC58 represents a good middle ground between aero performance, weight and cost. £899.99srp (pair) / 1870g per pair

T85 Lite - Certainly one for the Time trailers or triathletes! The T85 Lite wheelset features a massive 85mm full high-modulus carbon fibre tubular rim. The deepest wheel in the range and 100% focused on improving aerodynamic performance. £1099.99srp (pair) / 1747g per pair

C85 Lite - As above but with a full high-modulus carbon fibre clincher rim. The deepest wheel in the range and 100% focused on improving aerodynamic performance. £1299.99srp (pair) / 1950g per pair

Tri Spoke Front - Best paired to the disc wheel and aimed at the serious time trialist/triathlete, Cole’s aerodynamic front tri-spoke is designed to slice through the wind, saving valuable seconds over a traditionally spoked wheel. Only available in tubular setup. £799.99srp / 725g each

Disc Rear - Best paired to the front tri-spoke wheel and aimed at saving the serious time trialist/triathlete those precious and valuable seconds. Proven in the stage races of Holland, Belgium and France, the Cole disc wheel has notched up victory after victory. With a Kevlar and carbon construction, weight is extremely competitive and aerodynamics unsurpassed. £799.99srp / 1380g each

Aries 920 - Cole DSA Centre-Lock hubs matched to a 21mm ARAYA 6061 T-6 alloy rim laced with double butted 2.0/1.8/2.0mm spokes make for a great UK all-round MTB wheelset. Hubs are EZ Snap compatible for the wide variety of axle dimensions currently on the market. Also included is a pair of 6-bolt rotor adaptors. £299.99srp (pair) / 1910g per pair

Brontes XC Lite - Traditionally ‘affordable’ and ‘lightweight’ are two words you typically wouldn’t find in the same sentence in the cycling world. The Brontes XC Lite looks turn that presumption on its head; coming in at an aggressive 1620g per pair and utilizing Cole’s 24H straight-pull 6-bolt hub and spokes, the Brontes XC Lite is the new wheel for the performance rider with a budget in mind. £249.99srp (pair) / 1620g per pair

Brontes XC - The Brontes XC is an XC wheel with Cole’s new Straight Pull cold forged hub. Designed to eliminate the stress of J-bend spokes, the Brontes XC is an entry-level yet race-ready XC or Marathon wheel. 24 double-butted, straight aero spokes are laced to Cole’s new SP 3-pawl hub. An affordable wheelset without a sacrificing performance. £199.99srp (pair) / 1894g per pair

29er Lite- Cole’s first 29er wheel with DSA looks to have arrived just in time as the popularity of big wheeled MTBs in the UK looks to markedly increase for 2011/12. Coming in at a svelte 1790g and using Cole DSA Centre-Lock hubs (EZ-Snap compatible) matched to a wide 23.5mm profile rim, the 29er Lite has XC weight with all-mountain strength. £324.99srp (pair) / 1790g per pair

Massif Enduro - Strong enough to tackle the gravity-fed rough stuff with ease, yet light enough to pedal back up when you get to the bottom. The 6-bolt disc hub employ Cole’s FAT-HEAD DSA technology and are fully compatible with the EZ-Snap end cap adaptors to ensure full versatility with the different axle options currently on the market. £349.99srp (pair) / 2170g per pair

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