Have you ever been to Scarborough? It’s a nice town in North Yorkshire with a stunning beach and to mention a cycling-related fact,  last year half of the visitors and teams of the Dalby Forest World Cup race spent a couple of nights there. But there is more! You might not have been aware of the fact above, but what’s also interesting is that users of the Cycle to Work scheme saved more CO2 every year by cycle to work scheme than the total emissions of 24,000 homes, which means around 57 000 individuals (given that the average family size is 2.4, according to the official statistics) – and that’s how much people lives in Scarborough. So in other words, the cycle to work scheme saves a Scarborough-worth of CO2 emission every year. While the previous example might be a bit arbitrary, the commuters still save 133,442 tonnes of CO2 annually. Fact. And according to new research published by the Cycle to Work Alliance, the survey also found that 87% of those who cycle to work have noticed a direct health benefit from their more active commute – so it’s a win-win for everybody.

Ride 2 Work Scheme by Evans Cycles

But that’s not everything! The independent Tax Simplification Office has also recommended the government to continue the Cycle To Work scheme. As Evans Cycles’ Mark Brown, the manager of the Ride2Work scheme said: “This is a very positive statement which underlines the continuing importance of the cycle to work scheme in delivering improved health, lower carbon emissions and reducing congestion. The scheme really does represent great long term value far beyond the immediate and very attractive savings.”

So if you either want to save the planet or you just want a great bike to make your daily commute more fun/convenient/faster, why don’t you check out our new Ride2Work page where you get an overview of the scheme and you can even make calculations how much that Specialized, that you’ ve been eyeing in the last couple of months, would cost you …