The final deadline to apply for tickets is still four days away, so there is still time to apply for tickets. Remembering back to the Beijing Olympics, even watching an sport that I wasn’t really interested in was a great experience due to the unique atmosphere of the olympics, so I strongly recommend everybody to apply for ANY kind of tickets, but obviously, the cycling ones are the most interesting for us – and here are a couple of tips what to look for.

The most interesting day is probably 10th August, when the semifinals and the finals will be held for both the women and the men. Tickets for the best places don’t come cheap (£125) but it is way cheaper than a top place for a track event.

Mountain Biking
The opinions are divided whether how challenging the course will be but the way it has been built guarantees a spectacular race. The women will race on the 11th and the men next day, on the 12th August. There are two price bands, the cheaper tickets cost £20 while the more expensive ones cost £45. At the moment, we don’t know what sort of access is this going to provide you, the website says general admission, so you can probably wonder around with the cheaper ticket while the more expensive ticket will probably allow you to the start/finish area.

Road Cycling
The good news is that you can see most of the race for free on the 28th and the 29th July – you only have to pay if you want to watch the finish of the race. A better idea might be to catch them on the ascent of Box Hill – you get to see them 9 times. The bad news is that probably 10 000 other cycling fans will have the same idea, so you’ll probably have to get there well before the race to find a good spot, a bit the massive crowds on the climb of the Mount Ventoux that starts to gather days before the race actually hits the climb.

Cancellara on the way to the gold medal in Beijing.

Probably the most visitor-friendly discipline, the most golden medals can be expected from the track team – and not surprisingly, it’s the most expensive venue. However, it will well worth the money. I will never forget the atmosphere in Beijing, when the crowd errupted when Chris Hoy & Co. won the team sprint gold medal. The events will start on the 2nd August and will last five whole days, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch some action – but tickets to the best seats on days when they hold finals can be a whopping £325.

So be sure to apply for tickets, this is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that you wouldn’t want to miss.