With the biggest bike race in the WORLD (like, ever) set to launch with a bang in Yorkshire on Saturday, the local residents have been impressively busy creating advice videos and friendly jingles to welcome the peloton to God’s own country.

We’re pretty impressed with their antics, which show that the #OddOnes spirit is well and truly alive in these green and pleasant lands.

Here’s a look at three of the best videos from the Yorkshire fans…

The Camp on Homle Moss

The campsite on Holme Moss created this video with ‘a few things you need to know’.

Most importantly, if thous coming up to Yorkshire, the riders best swap they fancy shoes like them on TV for cloggs – they’ll be better, especially if theys got to get off the pushbike to get up hill…

Singing Plumber Paul Ballington with The Star

The 36-year-old plumber from South Yorkshire shot to fame when he wrote a World Cup song, but with help from local rag ‘The Star’, he’s now penned a Tour de France song – ‘Get on Yer Bike’. Even if the tour riders are struggling in the peloton, he guarantees they’ll enjoy the ride, singing:

“As you glide across the Pennines // You can’t help but feel all right” …

Welcome to Yorkshire

Of course, we couldn’t miss the official ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ vid…  so here it is: