What is Earlybird?

The Evans Cycles Earlybird campaign is all about us helping you guys get out on your bikes ready for the summer season – early. Spring has seemingly sprung, and those miles aren’t going to ride themselves. We’ve got some great offers, including up to £250 worth of free accessories with a new bike.

What are #EvansEarlybird playlists?

To get you out riding (or training indoors, if you’re knocking out hard intervals to prepare for specific events) – here’s a playlist compilation of Evans Cycles colleagues’ favourite riding songs. Some of these are here because they’re bike related, some because they’re mega motivational – and the very best of them tick both boxes…

The whole playlist is just over 60 minutes long – perfect for a good hard turbo session that will have you fit for the summer, or just great for sticking on whilst you get ready for your ride.

We’ve arranged so that the fast, tempo songs are sandwiched between the warm up and cool down tracks. Regardless if you’re training indoors, or heading out, we hope the playlist will get you excited about jumping on your bike…

You can press “play” below, or listen by clicking this link: #EvansEarlybird Playlist 1


Tour de France – Kraftwork

This tune first reached the ears of the public in 1983, but it’s been remastered a few times since. Tour de France features mechanical sounds and bike race noises that are designed to recreate the atmosphere of a tough ride. The song rises and falls with the rhythm of the race, and we think it’s a great warm up song to help you get yourself into a mindset that will yield a great ride.

Metallica – Ride the Lightening

Title song of the 1984 album, this song is actually about criminal injustice, written from the perspective of a prisoner facing electrocution. However, for us cyclists it could also be about riding like the lightening, which sounds much more fun.

Bicycle Race – Queen

Apparently Freddie Mercury wrote this classic after watching the TdF pass his hotel window. The song had dramatic effects on the sales of bicycle bells anywhere Queen performed it live, as fans flocked to bike shops so they could ring their bells during the song.

Are you ready? Mike Nero and Hot Ride – The Prodigy

We included both of these because our team thought they were some of the best motivational songs for climbing, and turbo sessions. Both these tracks will have you pounding the pedals in a consistent rhythm – so though they aren’t totally cycling related, we thought they’d get you spinning strong.

Escape Velocity – The Chemical Brothers

If it’s good enough for Sir Chris Hoy, it’s good enough for us. Sir Chris actually stated in an interview he gave to The Daily Record that he listened to this tune before getting on the bike at the 2012 Olympics. He even said:  “I’d like to give my thanks to The Chemical Brothers.” That seemed like a good reason to put this motivation pumping track on our list.

Ride On Time – Black Box

We came over super 80s here. The 1989 tune was a number 1 hit, and if you’re lying cosy in your bed feeling lazy, this one will have you getting up and riding on time straight away.

Ride like the wind – Saxon

“I gotta ride, like the wind, to be free again” – so many of us associate riding with breaking away from the daily drag or work and other commitments – so this song seemed like a perfect addition to the playlist. Sadly we can’t ride all day, but this is a great tune to help you make the most of your riding time, and a rocking reminder about the simple joy of getting out on the bike (just in case you forgot).

My Bike – Ghoti Hook

This one is for those of you who like to get skanking to a bit of good punk rock. Clearly singer Joel Bell likes his bike – as he sings: There’s just one thing that I love more than anything // I hold it so near to my heart // It has just one gear and a pair of blue training wheels // A headlight to see in the dark // I like my bike, it’s not like other bikes We enjoyed this one – and we also think it’s good Ghoti Hook are sensible in ensuring they have working bike lights.

Handlebars – Flobots

With the last rambunctious track behind us, it’s time to drop it down a level. This chilled trumboney tune is here to help you spin along on your daily commute, or perhaps it’s the song you’ll wind down to after a hard session. If you’re using it for the commute, of course, please don’t completely abandon the handlebars.

Bicycle Song – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Well, in this one Anthony Kiedis asks: “How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention?” Well – Anthony, we don’t know – but we’re glad you mentioned it now. This is your second cool down song – so enjoy it.

Nine Million Bicycles – Katie Melua 

This song was apparently inspired by a trip to Beijing, where an interpreter stated that there were 9million bicycles in the city. We wish there were that many bicycles in every city…

A bicycle built for two – The Laughing Cows (original Harry Dacre)

Well, we couldn’t not – could we? The original was written by Harry Dacre in 1892, but we thought you might like this Laughing Cows version…

 Got a tune to add?

We’re creating a new playlist every week, until the middle of March. Want your song on the next playlist? Tweet is @evanscycles with your song, and #EvansEarlybird, or post on our Facebook wall.