When I was a kid, the advent calendar used to be the highlight of December. My mum had sewn little green bags during the months leading to December, filled them up with all kinds of sweets and other small surprises and hung all up on a mini, wooden Christmas tree cutout. I loved the anticipation, every day opening the little bags, the different kinds of sweets, the whole thing.

We have just entered the advent period and worked hard to create a hopefully equally exciting Advent Calendar on Facebook for our customers, friends and followers. There will be a special present every day on our Facebook page, until the 24th December. The nature of these presents varies: some are great discounts and others are a exciting, unique and exclusive presents from us to you. While the discounts will available to everybody on the day, only one exclusive present will be given away each day to a lucky winner.

As everybody is in full Christmas shopping mode, we also have an Advent Calendar on our website, which will reveal to you a great offer every day – keep an eye out for these deals on www.evanscycles.com.

Happy Christmas and good luck!