Ever increasing costs and journey times to commute to work leave more and more of us searching for alternative modes of transport. Cycling often features high on the list as a free and healthy method that is also great for the environment but is then dismissed due to a lack of confidence to ride on the busy and congested roads.

With recent news that Cycling England, the government body that has greatly increased the national levels of cycling over the past few years is set to be abolished, it is important more than ever that other organisations stay committed to increasing the numbers and safety of cyclists on the road.

We are therefore pleased to announce the launch of RideSmart! road safety cycle training for adults.  We offer four levels of training which will be carried out on local networks of lanes and roads and will provide you with all of the necessary skills to ride your bike with confidence.   If you can just about ride in a straight line, have not quite mastered the art of signalling, are terrified of roundabouts or just nervous about being on the road with cars and other traffic, RideSmart! road safety training will prepare you to deal with all of these situations and more.

To celebrate the launch of RideSmart!, we are giving away free places on the training courses running from our London Bridge and Spitalfields stores between the 9th and 21st November.

To book your free place, please contact our booking team by telephone (Mon-Fri, 9-6) 01293 572 382, by email on ridesmart@evanscycles.com, or ask in store.