We’ve been a London bike shop since 1921, over this time we’ve seen bikes change and we’ve seen London change into what is rapidly becoming a cycling super city – every day the streets of London get busier and as the popularity of cycling increases so does the pressure on London’s roads. 

Over the last two weeks this pressure has resulted in a string of cycling tragedies which has shocked us. 

Being a company of committed cyclists we passionately believe that cycling is the best way of getting around London, and we want to help make it the safest way.  That’s why we’re supporting the London Cycling Campaign and Space for Cycling, a campaign to promote safe spaces for cycling on every street across London through:

•   Protected space on main roads
•   No through-motor-traffic zones
•   20mph speed limits
•   Safer cycle routes to schools
•   Liveable high streets
•   More parkland routes

The Space for Cycling campaign has only just begun, but it could not have come at a more crucial time. 

With the spate of recent cycling tragedies in London the LCC is taking action and calling on Londoners to email the Mayor Boris Johnson demanding that he urgently improves Cycle Superhighway 2, from Aldgate to Bow, including the notorious Bow roundabout.

 How you can get involved


We encourage our customers and all London cyclists to support LCC and Space for Cycling.  Here’s how you can get involved:

•   Find out about Space for Cycling here, enter your email to stay in touch with the campaign

•    Email the Mayor using this form,  insisting he urgently improves Cycle Superhighway 2, from Aldgate to Bow, and Bow roundabout

•    Join the LCC and support the other great work they do on behalf of London cyclists

And follow our Facebook and twitter accounts as we share more about Space for Cycling.

Happy and safe riding,

The Evans Cycles team