From now until April 15th, we’re working with nutrition know-it-all’s High5 to provide nearly every owner of a new bike with a selection of free trial products.


Spring is just beginning and we know loads of our riders are upgrading their bikes with shiny new ones, or getting onto a bike for the first time in years. These nutrition products are perfect for anyone looking to spend time in the saddle, and they come with every bike except childrens and BMX bikes (we figure kids have enough energy as it is).

High5 are a leader in performance nutrition, and their goal is to help you perform at your very best, no matter what your level of ability. Sports nutrition can seem confusing, but the taster pack contains some guides which explain what the products are all about, and how they can help you ride for longer, faster, and more importantly – enjoy your riding!

High5 produce sports nutrition to keep your electrolyte levels topped up, so you replace the salts that you lose when you sweat, carbohydrate rich products to keep your energy levels up, and products with high quality protein to help repair and build lean muscle.

The pack contains four sachets of ‘Zero’. These little tablets just dissolve in water and are full of electrolytes, but no calories – so they are great if you’re going to be exercising for less than an hour – so sweating, but not dipping into your carb stores.

If you’re exercising over 90 minutes, you’ll be using up your stored carbohydrate and you’ll need to replace them. In the pack there is a sachet of EnergySource for you to test out – you mix this with water as outlined on the packaging, and sip as you ride to keep your carb stores topped up, giving you loads of energy.

The pack also contains an EnergyBar bite size – a simple bar you can consume on your ride. It’s pretty similar to a cereal bar, but packed with everything you need during exercise. There is also an EnergyGel, and an IsoGel – these are liquid and easy to consume on the go.

Finally, there is a ProteinRecovery sachet – this is perfect for taking after a tough ride, so you’re ready for the next one. You’ll also find a selection of fantastic guides written by High5 which give you even more information if you want to find out more.

All the products in your pack are available in more flavours, so if you like what you try – be sure to test out the other options. And, for the extra cherry on top – we’re offering 3 for 2 on our High5 products in-store, and online.