The new freehub body has a 40 tooth ratchet with 4 pawl engagement. In simple terms this means that the time taken for the drive chain to start moving when you shift from freewheeling to pedalling is quicker – meaning you can get off to a quicker start when you need to.

If you’re road racing, and sprinting out of corners, or just riding with a competitive bunch – you’ll thank yourself for investing in a set of wheels with this hub.

The hub shell is made from a single forged ‘billet’ of aliminum and uses a 7075 aluminium rotor body which suits Shimano cassettes of 9, 10 and 11 speed and SRAM in 9 and 10 speed.

We’re currently offering a special 10% deal on these items – you can buy the Mono RS hubs on their own for £139.50 on the back and £58.50 on the front, or one of the wheelsets here - a rear weel will set you back £216 and the front is £126.

The Hope Mono RS, Stans Alpah 400 700c Road Rear Wheel, £216 (was £240

MTB Wheels


Hope 700C wheels are light and are excellently prepared for unpredictable UK weather with careful weather sealing to prevent water damage.

For mountain bikers, Hope has new 26, 650B and 29er wheels which feature new Pro 2 Evo rear hubs. These have the same 40 tooth ratchet as the road Mono RS hubs and mean that the pedalling changes you have to make as you weave through obstacles in your path won’t slow you down nearly as much.

Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub, £139.50 (was £155)

The hubs, which are machined from a single billet of quality alloy, use stainless steel bearings throughout meaning they last longer and run smooth, giving great value for money.

The rear wheels start from £193, and the rear hub on it’s own will cost you £139.50 – check out the full range here.

Hope Pro 2 Evo / NoTubes ZTR Arch EX 650B Standard Pull Rear Wheel, £193.50 (was £215)



New brakes from Hope use a Tech 3 master cylinder, which is a progression from their previous Tech Evo and addresses issues with ergonomics and integration.

Hope Tech 3 X2 Front Brake Set, £117 (was £130)


The new version is directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec Shifter, which means that no extra mounts is needed to attach the shifter to the master cyclinder, dropping unnecessary weight. This also makes the handlebars less littered and more streamlined, giving the rider more space and confidence.

The Tech 3 is about 5 per cent more powerful than the previous Tech Evo, whilst the reach, bite point control (BPC) and adjustability are unchanged.

All Hope technology has been tested rigorously by their team in the craggy Peak District, and everyone based at their bike-obsessed HQ rides. We’re really excited to see all this new kit, and are looking forward to testing it out on the roads and trails.

The front and rear start from £117 each, currently with 10% off from the RRP of £130 – you can check out the full range here.

Have you been out riding with kit from Hope? We’d love to hear your reviews…