In January, we have asked our friends, fans, followers and customers to send us photos, stories of their first cycling memories. Over a hundred submissions have arrived and we enjoyed all them – but because we’re not selfish, we wanted to share the best ones with you. So in the next couple of weeks and months, expect every now and again a great photo and a great story from a guest contributor.

This is a photo of me on my first bike (with two of my cousins) on the day that I got it – my third birthday in 1991.

As you can tell from my toothy grin I was sooo happy with it! I remember loving the colours, with the pink and purple matching my a-ma-zing outfit (I have asked my mum what she was thinking, apparently this kind of thing was ‘in’…) and the white handlebars, mudguards and saddle were a hit too. This bike went on to be kitted out with those really noisy spoke beads and some crazy reflectors and I got a basket on the front to carry my teddy bear (called Berta) around in. Riding wise, this bike stood the test! On my first solo trip down the road (with stabilisers), I crashed into a skip that was sitting in the road but the bike and I got picked up by the neighbour, put back on our wheels / feet and on we went!

My happiest memory of this bike is riding it in a ‘fietsvierdaagse.’ Translated from the Dutch, this means ‘cycling four day’ and basically people all over the country cycle set routes with checkpoints through the countryside for four days in a row. That time I did it with my parents, little brother and grandparents and was so chuffed at the end of the four days when I got my medal for finishing the tour. I spent many a happy hour on this bike before my little brother inherited it. Needless to say, he wasn’t as impressed with the colours as I had been! He also rode it in a fietsvierdaagse and also crashed it when he pedalled it as fast as he could down a hill and went off the road into the bushed. The bike (and him!) lived to tell the tale once again. Thank you Evans for this great competition – it has brought back so many great memories of this bike and later ones! And a million thanks to my parents for rooting around in the attic and finding this classic pic!