Elite athletes are a special breed, they have something that most of us lack: a very strong drive to win and the willingness to sacrifice everything to get there. And don’t forget humility – often the greatest athletes are the most humble ones. As it turned out last night, Tracy Moseley is one of them: one of the greatest riders and one of the most humble,too. The event, brought to our West End store by Osprey Packs, gave us an glimpse into Tracy’s racing years.

Tracy Moseley at the Kaprun round of the UCI World Cup.

Her career spans over an impressive, 15 year long period and during that time she has managed to win everything that there was to be won. She walked us through all the key stages of her career: the early years, when she was lucky enough to be signed by the then-new Volvo-Cannondale team, then joining Kona and finally, winning the World Champion title with Trek World racing. While she claimed that she dreaded the thought of speaking in front of the audience, she was an engaging and interesting speaker, she managed to tell us a story of her career instead of just reciting race results.

One lesson aspiring racers should heed to was that it’s not enough to get a contract – a big contract come with great responsibilities. This was the case when she joined her first team, Volvo Cannondale and even more so when she joined Trek World Racing in 2009. While she enjoyed the convenience of a large team, expectations were very high and at first she found it difficult to live up to the expectations. That being said, one had to put things into perspective: for Tracy, finishing 2nd overall in the World Cup in 2009 was a disappointment, while most riders would give their right arm for such a result.

Tracy Moseley's timed practice run on the 2010 World Championships course at Mount-Saint Anne

After winning the Worlds in 2010, a long time goal and the World Cup overall in 2011, Tracy admitted that she had wanted to do something else, something that still has got cycling at the centre. With the emergence of the gravity enduro events in the UK and around the world recently, it seemed logical to set up her new team, T-MO Racing with focus on that discipline. This is where Osprey Packs comes in, they are one of the key sponsors of the Tracy.

After an interesting journey through her career it was time for questions and it was good to see that the audience was engaged and they kept her busy for almost an hour with various questions about training, favourite races, gear and other aspects of racing. At the beginning of the event, everyone got a raffle ticket and after the Q&A session Tracy picked a winner who was presented with the prize on the spot: an Osprey bag.

Tracy stayed for a while after her presentation and spent some time chatting to people and also signed a few posters, too. Once everyone left, a smaller group of Evans Cycles staff headed towards Oxford Circus and Tracy joined us and we casually chatted about random things until we got down to the tube station and we all wished her good luck to her future endeavours.

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