Our first drop of Morvélo clothing has just arrived and we are all excited by the range, so much so, a rota of who’s wearing what on each day is being written up for the Evans office HQ to avoid embarrassing doubling up…

To some of you Morvélo clothing will already be a staple wardrobe item, however for many this will be your first introduction to this Brighton based cycle clothing company.

We caught up with founder Oli to get the inside scoop:

EC: Tell us a little about how Morvélo came about?

We’re both worked for a long time as graphic designers for major brands in the sports and lifestyle industries but our passion was always riding and racing bikes. Morvélo was our way making the two meet. Using our experience of both design, pop culture and bike culture to create clothing that would make you feel proud to be part of the large and varied world of the humble bicycle. To celebrate it in all it’s forms. It constantly fascinates us how all bikes are in essence the same – wheels, bars, saddle, chain etc but are used for such a wide purpose, and each one has it’s own micro culture that surrounds it. We’re not Road, we’re not MTB, we’re not Track, we’re not Cyclocross – instead we’re all of them and actively encourage people to do the same.

EC: Where do you see Morvélo in 5 years?

Part of the fabric of cycling we hope. We want Morvélo to be the clothing brand that captures the essence of cycling and to spread the Morvelo ethos worldwide. To be a label which if someone on the street, on the road, on the trails or on the track, saw it they would think – ‘How f*cking cool is that’. We’d keep to our principal of designing a completely new range every six months, so everything we do is fresh and contemporary. We’d also like to expand into more cycling kit, like jackets and baggy shorts and also casual stuff like, shirts, wallets, belts etc. A full range that combines the world of bikes, fashion and performance.

EC: How big’s your team and who’s doing what?

Well, there are two of use that do pretty much everything. Design, production, website, event organisation, filming, dispatch, sourcing, racing, riding, coffee making, sales, marketing, accounts. It’s a hell of a learning curve! We also have another guy to help us build the community side of Morvélo, Morvélo.cc. We’re independently owned, rider run and have built Morvélo from just £500 a few years ago with no investment from banks or otherwise. That gives us great sense of pride. To know that we grow thanks to riders having an affinity with Morvélo. It also means we only have each other to answer to which fosters unrestricted creative freedom.

EC: If you had to summarise Morvelo in a 140 character tweet, what would you say?

Ride everything.

EC: Your new winter range is now out, and looking great, what single piece would you single out as your favourite?

Tricky. We feel this is our strongest range to date, and the most varied, but I’d say ‘V for Velo’ as it perfectly summaries cycle culture and pop culture with a good dose of attitude.

V is for Velo

EC: Tell us a little about the Morvélo Test Team and what role it plays in your product design?

The diverse nature of the Test Team means our products get thrashed in all manner of ways, from National level cyclocross races and International road races to dirt jump competitions and pro level mountain biking. We’re pretty sure no other brands kit gets such a diverse kicking. We love to race bikes and so all our cycle kit has to fit and perform to the high standards demanded by the Test Team. All our tees and casual clothing is designed to fit and feel just right and any feedback from the Test Team is put back into the development. We have high standards so if something isn’t right, we’ll change it.

EC: If you had to choose 1 bike, what would it be?

Cyclocross. Skill enhancing off-road, brisk on-road and in the right hands can do this: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150345721743691&set=pu.127678093690&type=1&theater. And yes, Phil is a Morvélo rider!

Why did you choose to distribute through Evans?

That’s certainly going to be a question that many of our early supporters will ask. In it’s simple terms it enables us to reach a greater variety and greater numbers of riders which as a small independent company we couldn’t do. Morvélo represents an ethos of divesity in cycling. Encouraging people to try it in all it’s forms. Many people, since we started, have stumbled across us or have picked up on us through word of mouth. In many ways this would mark us out as a niche brand. Something under the radar that only those in the know, know.

Cycling culture and pop culture aren’t niches though which is why we want to spread our wings. Evans, and all our other great retailers, help us do just that. What’s key is that Morvélo keeps it’s roots, ethos and understanding of bike and pop culture. The two of us won’t ever let that go.

Quick Fire round:

EC: Sven Nys or Stybar

Stybar just nudges it due to jumping prowess whilst wearing the world champ stripes. Awesome!

EC: Hinault or Lemond

Hinault for his sheer aggressiveness.

EC: Olympic champion or Yellow Jersey for 1 day (baring last day ;-) )

Yellow jersey if I’d won it by giving everyone a kicking up Alpe D’Huez

EC: Steve Peat or Gee Atherton

Tough one. Instinct says Peaty for being at the top of his game for so long but I’ll for for Gee for his range of blistering fast DH and super stylish freeriding.

EC: 26″ or 29″

I’m a bit stuck in my ways so 26″ as that’s the way it was meant; a oversized BMX for thrashing in the woods. If I want 29″ I’ll ride the cross bike, but I know I’m in the ever decreasing minority!

Morvélo stock is in now, head over to our website to see the range >>>