It’s January, and everyone has the blues. From a cycling point of view, this is probably the least exciting time of the year – so instead, let’s have some FUN! A few months ago we stumbled upon an old Evans Cycles catalogue from 1995 – packed full of awesome retro gear! So we thought January would be a good time to talk about the beginnings, how we all started riding, how we all got into this great sport. Evans Cycle’s 90th anniversary is also this year and we’ll look into the past many times through the course of 2011.

What better way to do that than ask our readers and customers to share memories of bikes you have owned! Were you keen on cycling since you were 3? Or did you get seriously involved with cycling only in the last couple of years? Either way, share a picture of your bike and it’s story with us, and how it all started for YOU.

[The competition is closed now, we'll announce the winners soon] The grand prize is this wonderful retro styledViva Bellissimo Single Speed bike, it’s a truly beautiful ride. There are loads of runners up prizes too – 50 in all!

  • 10 x Specialized BG Sport gloves
  • 10 x Smart Polaris 4 3 LED Light Sets
  • 10 x Topeak Hexus II Multi-Tools
  • 10 x Bontrager Air Support Mini Pumps
  • 10 x Official History of the Tour De France DVDs
Viva Bellissimo

The grand prize - the Viva Bellissimo Single Speed

You can submit your entries from today until the 31st January. The jury, that will consist of Ben, Will and me, will pick the winners in the following two days and the results will be published on the 3rd February. Good luck!

And to help you get into the mood and start digging for old photos and memories, here’s my story – my first bike.

It was a very cold Christmas in 1986 and I was absolutely pschyed up before Christmas, like every other year. But I couldn’t have imagined how brilliant present was I going to get. It was a beautiful red and white BMX! I was very keen on going out and give it a spin right away but I had to wait more than three weeks before the snow melted enough so I could go out riding. It was the best thing ever and I rode everywhere with it. But after a while I got more and more familiar with the BMX culture and I realized that the mudguards and the pannier rack is superlame! Being a mild mannered boy, I asked my parents if I could remove them so that I could have the coolest bike in the neighbourhood but they were concerned of… well, I don’t remember anymore why were they concerned, why did they think that it would cause a lot harm to me or to others if I removed the fenders but they stayed on and I used for quite a while afterwards until it was too small for me to use it anymore.