The cycling world is a vast one – we know our customers are just as varied, and ride a great variety of different bikes.

We cater for every type of rider, but we thought we’d have a little fun with a ‘battle of the bikes’ competition. 

With new and exciting 2014 bikes arriving in our warehouse all time time (and even some 2015 models!) we love picking out some of our favourites, and we wanted to know which ones you liked the most.

The competition is simple – vote for your favourite bike, from a Pinnacle 29er mountain bike, a Fuji Sportif road bike and a HOY Shizuoka Hybrid, and one person who votes will win the bike they chose.

Here’s a look at the contenders:

Pinnacle Ramin Two 29er


Mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but 29ers are currently the most popular. Bigger wheels roll faster, and they slow down less for obstacles on the trails.

The Pinnacle Ramin is a hardtail which uses a Rockshox CX32 fork. The fork on the Ramin promises to be stiffer under breaking and technical terrain than other options on the market, and Rockshox are a reliable brand with a fantastic reputation.

A nine-speed Shimano drivechain and hydraulic brakes all add up to a solid spec for a rider buying their first trail-ready mountain bike.

Fuji Sportif 2.3 Road Bike

fuji-sportif-23-compact-2014-road-bike (1)

In a road bike, most buyers are looking for a fast and light machine that is comfortable over the miles or has a stiff frame which soaks up every bit of power applied to propel the rider forwards.

The Fuji Sportif is an entry level road bike designed for a new rider who wants to explore the roads, and perhaps sees racing in their future. A light A2-SL double-butted aluminium frame and carbon fork make for a ride that won’t weigh you down on the hills, whilst quality Shimano gears ensure quality and longevity.

When spending long days in the saddle, a great fit is important, and Fuji have considered this carefully when creating the Fuji Finest 1.3 Women’s Specific road bike, so if a woman is selected as the winner, they’ll have the option if this model, too.

To find out more about the differences in geometry between unisex and women’s specific bikes, check out our post here.

HOY Shizuoka .001         

hoy-shizuoka-001-2013-hybrid-bike (1)


Hybrid bikes provide an middle ground between road and mountain bikes – they’re light and efficient on the road, but rugged and strong enough to tackle a little light off-roading on gravel paths or in the park.

All weather hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power that won’t become less effective over time or in the wet, and won’t leave rims vulnerable to wear from grit or dirt.  The use of 28C tyres provides a fast rolling resistance, whilst semi-deep section wheels are strong and resilient to UK weather.

For your chance to win one of these bikes, vote for your favourite here: