Most of you will remember the Cycling Scotland advertisement that generated so much debate when the Advertising Standards Authority banned it.  They were opposed to the advert because the cyclist shown was not wearing a helmet, and was cycling “too far away from the curb”.


The ASA said: ”We concluded the ad was socially irresponsible and likely to condone or encourage behaviour prejudicial to health and safety… We told Cycling Scotland that any future ads featuring cyclists should be shown wearing helmets and placed in the most suitable cycling position.”

In response, cycling organisations argued that helmets are not compulsory, and that the cyclist is positioning herself as recommended. Martin Key, campaign manager at British Cycling said: ”The Advertising Standards Agency’s ruling goes against everything we’re trying to do to normalise cycling as an everyday activity and make it a priority form of transport. Compulsory helmet laws drive down cycling participation numbers and do not encourage principles of mutual respect between all road users.”

The ban was eventually withdrawn.

We’ve all heard the debates – but have you seen the actual advert, in full? We had a look – and thought it was worth sharing…