Hi everyone, I’m posting an update about our stock and delivery times. I hope this make things clearer – please let us know.

To offer such an extensive range online, we make available products that are held in stock at our stores. These products are requested back to our warehouse and should be in stock within 10-14 days. Once in stock, products are then picked and shipped. A lot of our stock is held at local stores so you can buy it there.

We also have products online that we may not have in stock but are held by our suppliers. The delivery timescales indicated on the website are based on supplier updates. We aim to update the information online if these dates change.

At peak sale periods, this offers a real challenge to the high standards that we have set ourselves. We have also just upgraded our stock control system and there were some teething problems with the integration of this which we are working hard to fix.

We really value all the feedback we are now receiving, as it is helping us improve. Already this week we have identified and fixed an order status issue due to feedback received here.

We are really sorry if you have had a problem recently, and we are genuinely working hard to deliver the best service possible.

If you are experiencing a problem, please email us here with the details and we will address it: community.manager@evanscycles.com

best regards, Will