We’re delighted to be supporting a petition set up by The Times newspaper which aims to improve the roads for Britain’s cyclists.

We believe that travelling by bike is a fantastic way to save money, get fit, and enjoy the great outdoors, but surveys have shown one of the major things holding people back is a fear of riding on the open road.

The Times began campaigning for ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ last year and we’ve been supporting them since the beginning. Below, Kaya Burgess, reporter at The Times explains what it’s all about. To sign the petition, follow this link.


“This is a watershed moment for cycling in Britain. The Government has an unprecedented chance to make the UK’s roads safer and less congested for everyone, whether they travel by bike, car, or bus. But we need your help to sign a petition and put pressure on the Prime Minister to act now.

Commuting by bike is a cheap and healthy way to travel. Getting more people cycling in Britain would reduce the number of cars on our overcrowded roads and would relieve pressure on packed train carriages. It would also save millions of pounds of taxpayer money from NHS budgets spent tackling obesity and inactivity-related conditions.

However, poorly designed roads and a lack of safe cycle lanes is putting many people off taking to their bikes.

Last month, a parliamentary inquiry published the Get Britain Cycling report, which made 18 recommendations on how the Government can capitalise on the Olympic legacy and get

hundreds of thousands more people travelling by bike.

The recommendations focus on five key areas: reallocating investment into cycling, lowering speed limits in residential areas, improving the design of roads, widening access to cycle training for children and adults, and providing strong political leadership from Downing Street.

The Get Britain Cycling inquiry was inspired by The Times newspaper’s ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign. The Times’s coverage of the Get Britain Cycling report can be found here.

The Times has set up a petition on the official Government e-petitions site calling on the Prime Minister to promote cycling by implementing the recommendations in the report.

More than 63,000 cyclists and motorists have already added their name to the petition, which has the support of Olympic champions Sir Chris Hoy and Laura Trott, of business leaders Lord Sugar and Sir Richard Branson and from politicians of all colours.

Please add your name and help the petition reach its goal of 100,000 names to force a debate on cycle safety in Parliament. The time for action is now  – sign the petition here. ”