Last month a few of us went out to Tarifa, Spain for a flat out four day photo shoot. Organised through Saddle Skedaddle, we were met by our guide Dan at the airport and taken back to our accommodation where we got straight on to building up the bikes. Once all set-up we took a few mountain bikes out hoping to catch the last light of the afternoon and captured some great dusk shots.

On the second day we loaded up the van and hit the road early, finding a nice quiet road which stretched up a hillside leading to various rural villas off the beaten track. With the sun rising this was looking like the perfect spot for some road shots so we kitted up and pulled the Fuji Team 1.0 and Finest 2.0, BMC Racemachine RM01, and two Jamis’s (Xenith Comp and Ventura Sport) off of the trailer.

Keith & Mark enjoying the rocky hillside

Keith on the edge

After a productive morning we grabbed some lunch and then decided to crack on with the mtb shots, shooting in the forest at the back of our hotel which sprawled along the coastline. However, it was day three that had us buzzing as our guide took us up to a huge limestone rock face. Sceptical at first, once we had climbed up we could see the potential, (not to mention the amazing views!) so it was out with the 2 full-suspension bikes (BMC Trailfox and Lapierre Zesty 514) for some breath-taking shots. Check out the behind the scenes sneak-peeks of Mark and Keith riding the ridge.

Mark & Keith admire the vista with our guide Dan

The focus for Thursday afternoon was the mountain bike images, and with the Vulture’s soaring high above the cliffs we discovered some great tracks weaving through the trees in the National Park region. The Trek Paragon’s large 29” wheels soaked up everything in its way, rolling down the rugged terrain with ease.

To close out the day we found a winding road that was perfect for a few last road shots and parked up at a small café which proved to be the ideal location for some stylish lifestyle shots, showing off brands such as Castelli, Gore, and Maloja. After his caffeine fix our photographer Geoff was back on it, snapping the guys (and Debs) riding up and down the scenic road, and myself winding down the twisty descents on the precise BMC.

Afternoon Siesta

After a long day we decided to ride the few miles back to the hotel which gave us chance to put the bikes to the test, with the Jamis Xenith Comp certainly impressing! Back at the hotel Keith and Mark pulled on the Maloja casual wear that we took out, grabbed a bottle of Cruzcampo and chilled out on the terrace for the all important après ride sunset images.

I travelled home Friday morning leaving the guys to get the product images and pictures for the GPS feature which we are running in the spring catalogue. After this all of the bikes had to be packed back in the boxes which they came out in with as much kit as possible strategically stuffed in around them.

Geoff & Stu get gnarly

Grabbing a slight lie in on Saturday the team headed home and in little under three hours were back in the UK, reflecting on an enjoyable and productive trip, and eager to see the final pictures. You can see these and the product features in our spring catalogue which is out on March 30th, or pay a visit yourself and contact Saddle Skedaddle at for great cycling at one of their magnificent destinations.

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