Cyclists, we’ve got our odd little quirks, haven’t we?

We’ve just launched our brand new TV ad, which celebrates the funny little habits of cyclists – from buying rock hard saddles, and wearing padded shorts, to riding from London to Brighton when there is a perfectly good train line.

Our entire company is made up of people that love cycling, so we didn’t hire any models for our ad, everyone you see here works at Evans Cycles. Here it is:

Want to know who you’re watching?


Our male roadies are James (Head of Marketing), Mark (Business2Business – that’s tax free bikes for the rest of us), Tim (Retail Manager) and Peter (one of our Contact Centre Managers).

James is making his first steps into road racing this season, and is already mucking in with the cat 2s and 3s at handicap races. He, Mark and Tim recently embarked upon a 205 mile weekend ride, and Peter is an ex-road racer and now dedicated commuter.

The grupetto overtaking the men in the early moments of the ad is made up of Helen (Academy Trainer), Michelle (Me! Content and Social Media Specialist), and Rachel (Assistant Manager at our Wandsworth store).

Helen and Michelle are both into aero bars, pointy helmets and all things Time Trial, whilst Rachel is a seriously competitive triathlete (watch out for her if you’re local).

The cameras used in filming amazed us all..

The cameras used in filming amazed us all..

The cameras used in filming amazed us all..

We’re not all into skinny tyres, of course – our MTB riders are Nick (ecommerce manager), Marko (Fenchurch Street supervisor) and Chloe (from our Guildford store team).

Nick is the rider seen jumping into the puddle – he’s pretty wicked on a downhill run, but takes it easier these days after breaking most of the bones in his lower leg in Morzine a couple of years back. Marco has been with the company well over 4 years, and he’s part of a cycling two-some – his wife works at our Spitalfieds store. Chloe has been with us a long while, too, and used to put up with all our staff purchases at the Gatwick branch.

Riding from London to Brighton, fully kitted out with fairy wings and tassels, are Jenny (International Eccomerce manager) and Andrea (from our Wandsworth store team).

Jenny rode London to Brighton in the summer of 2013, and is a recent convert to Strava, accumulating several ‘queenies’ in her first week of using the app.

Jenny having fun on set

Jenny having fun on set

Next up, you probably see a face you recognise – that’s Sir Chris Hoy. Sir Chris is a 6 x Olympic champion, who now works with us designing, creating and selling fabulous HOY bikes, to get more people out cycling.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the cool odd things cyclists like to do here – can you spot one of your own personal quirks?