The week we’ve seen our Facebook and Twitter wall invaded by clips of the most amusing comedy of errors we’ve seen in a long while.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a look at the best of the worst…



It all started with an overzealous celebration, as an air punching Eloy Teruel crossed what he believed to the be finish line of a stage in the Tour of California.

Unfortunately, he was actually first rider to begin the last lap, and despite commentators shouting “No, No, No!”, he was quickly caught by the rest of the peloton as the bell sounded.

We can’t show you the full video, because EuroSport have (annoyingly, but probably quite fairly) removed it from YouTube due to copyright claims, but you can see it here, and the below should give you the idea:



And then…


Thankfully, Eloy can’t have been too upset, because he told the Twitterspehere: “I wanted to win, luckily no one has seen. Hahahahaha.”

Your day will come, Eloy. And at least you’re well practiced in how to celebrate.



Next in line to make it onto the weeks #Oops agenda was the now slightly pink faced IT manager, Matt Adams. Firstly, Matt- if you’re reading this, we’re laughing WITH you and we think you’re great for taking it all in your stride.

Enjoying his moment of fame during the Mitie London Revolution Two Day Ride, Matt spotted a photographer at the brow if the infamous Box Hill.

Raising his hands in celebration, Mr Adams took an unexpected tumble, and his images have been doing the rounds on social media ever since.



box 3

Thankfully, he’s taken it in his stride, saying: “I laughed quite a lot, I guess nothing ever happens like that so I’ve got my five minutes of fame. “ (All images by Phil O’Connor)



Thankfully, there were no painful repercussions here, and if there had been – we wouldn’t include it in this list.

The Yorkshire Regional Road Race was due to exit a junction, taking a tight corner from Saxton onto Tadcaster Road. Marshalls were controlling traffic in anticipation of the approaching peleoton – all this is fairly normal thus far. Unfortunately, coming in the other direction were riders taking part in the Cyclothon sportive.

All cyclists should be aware that marshalls, flags, and a lead motorcycle means “get out the way before you hurt yourself and potentially someone else”. Sadly, not everyone here was on the same page. Resulting in the following…

If you’re not a patient type, skip to 1min44 seconds in, and watch the guy in green. For the record, we reckon this one crosses the line from funny into ‘worrying’ so we hope the riders involved are now feeling a little more educated..

***EDIT: It looks like the user has deleted this video from YouTube and we can’t find another version. If anyone has one, please feel free to post a link the comments***

British Cycling are now calling for more thorough regulation of events to prevent clashes.

All this and it’s only Wednesday… what’s next?!