We’re really passionate about bringing cycling to as many people as we can – young, old, male, female – we just want to see more people discover the joy of the ride.

Lately, we’ve noticed a real increase in the number of women’s road bikes we’ve been selling, so we’re keen to do what we can to encourage the women who are buying them.

To make sure we’re helping female cyclists, experienced and novice, and providing the best service we can, we’ve been holding focus groups and store events just for women recently. We’ve also set up a ‘women’s only’ bi-monthly email full of news and products just for women.

Of course, we’re really excited by anything else that might help fuel the fire for women’s cycling – so when we found out about women’s stage race planned 2014, we were bouncing off the walls.

President of British Cycling, Brian Cookson, wrote in his blog: “I’m pleased to be able to confirm that there will now be a five-day international stage race for women in Britain in 2014. The event will be separate from the men’s race, but it will be promoted to a high standard and will, I’m sure, be the first step in having a full equivalent Tour of Britain as it develops.”

The five day race will take place in May, around West Anglia and the East Midlands, and will be called ‘The Women’s Tour’.

The race will be separate to the men’s race in September, and organisers say this is partly for logistical reasons (such as recruiting enough motorcycles to support two races), but also because they believe it will increase the chances of it being an event in its own right.

Guy Elliott of SweetSpot is involved with the organisation, and told RoadCC: “When you look at women’s sport, from the minute women enter adolescence they are treated as second best… One of the agendas we want to wrap around our Women’s Tour is that they’re not second best so they should be treated in their own right as athletes.

“We want to run a separate women’s tour, one for logistics reasons, but two we think we should create our own package around women having their own event.”

Organisers are looking to create a star studded event, with finishes in town centres, equal prize money to equivalent men’s races, and they plan to put the racers up in good hotels and surround them with motorbikes.

Elliott said: “All the towns, all the flashy podium presentations will be geared around  the women’s race and not the women just turning up before the main event arrives.”

We know that racing on TV can inspire riders to get out and enjoy their bikes – and we’re excited to see the effect that this race has upon the world of women’s cycling.

For those bitten by the bug, either newly so, or looking for an upgrade, we’ve got a fantastic range of women’s bikes, shoes, and clothing.

(Image: Courtesy of Getty Images)