So the first week of the blog and our twitter competition is now behind us. To indulge the twitterati, we opened a competition and encouraged twitter users to tell us why they loved riding their bikes. I admit it wasn’t an easy task, it is hard to sum up such a complex thing as cycling in 140 characters. But we have recieved quite a few excellent tweets, so here are the winners:

11:27 PM Jun 14th via TweetDeck
@EvansCycles I love to ride. Nothing beats seeing your kids having fun as they taste the freedom of riding their bikes with mum and dad

5:02 PM Jun 15th viaWeb
@EvansCycles I love to ride my bike so I can dress up in tight lycra. Yoohoo!.

7:01 PM Jun 16th viaWeb
@EvansCycles nothing better than getting home from work and taking a spin through the leafy hampshire lanes to shake of the days worries.

11:53am, Jun 18 from web
EvansCycles I love riding my bike to work as it’s often the best part of my day, great chance to switch off & get my head down and ride fast

12:36pm, Jun 18 from TwitterGadget
EvansCycles I love to ride because of the fresh taste of bugs you get riding through the woods.