Our Winter Gear Servicing offer is back by popular demand! Last year it proved to be a great success and we would like to offer a similar service to our customers who’s drivetrain need some Tender Loving Care – or TLC for short.

What does the Winter Gear Servicing include? We clean and tune your bike chain, cassette, chain rings & gears for a smoother, safer ride. Plus, we check your frame, brakes, tyres and wheels are in a road worthy condition. To see the entire process, check out our video below:

But that’s not all! We are also offering 15% OFF Stage 1 servicing in store, 25% OFF Stage 2 servicing in store and 20% OFF suspension servicing.

You can watch a Stage 1 service in action:

Watch a Stage 2 service in action:

And this is how the Suspension Servicing works: