Circumnavigating the world by bike is a rare achievement. But to do it fully self-supported before reaching the age of 20 makes Tom Davies unique. Tom, still only 19, set out from his London home in January. He’s now just a couple of weeks away from arriving back, having spent seven months pedalling more than […]

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Council will be showcasing its ‘go cycle’ Programme at this year’s Kingston Bike Festival on Sunday 2 August. The Programme is using funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London to deliver ten cycling infrastructure schemes and public realm improvements across the borough over the next […]

  Hi All We’ve been out today putting up the Sportive routes for Sunday and, as usual, it’s a great place to ride your bike!  Mike popped out yesterday evening for a quick MTB ride and the same goes for the off-road trails, it’s a tough area to beat for scenery! That said, it’s a […]

New to road cycling or looking to add a new dimension to your riding? Here’s why your local cycling club is the place to go. by @adelemitchell   I must admit I was quite nervous on my first club ride. I’m not unfit (I’m a keen mountain biker) but I ‘d only recently got a […]

Many cyclists wear their suntan lines from shorts and short-sleeved jerseys with pride. We’ve even heard rumours of vain riders buying the same length of shorts to ensure the tan line on their legs remains straight and perfect. This might seem like an amusing side effect of riding your bike for hours and hours in […]

A decade ago, before I owned my first racer bike, I might have scoffed at half the products on this list thinking that they were only for elite riders. But now, having become a keen cyclist, I can see benefits in every one of these items. In fact, I rarely set out on my bike […]

Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and website every week? No problem! Once a week we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up. Our most exciting additions from last week include more Shimano’s XT 11-speed components, a sophisticated new colourway in Brompton’s ML3 […]

…(or rekindle the relationship you’ve already got!)   Adele Mitchell dispenses some love-shaped advice on how to make your cycling date a hit.   Whether you meet at the traffic lights, the cycling club or out on the trails, riding together can be a great first date. And if you’re looking to add a little […]

The number of people cycling to work is increasing at a rapid rate and for this growing army of commuters a key questions is ‘how am I going to lug my stuff from A to B?’ Whether you carry a laptop and your suit, or just a simple pen and notepad, cycling backpacks cater for the needs […]

Commuting by bike? A messenger bag could be the perfect accessory. Here’s how to make sure you end up with one of the top messenger bags around.   What is a messenger bag?   An oblong shaped bag worn   over a single shoulder. In different guises they’re worn by students, DJs and yuppies – but they […]