I don’t remember every detail about learning to ride a bike.  I just remember that my parents, painstakingly invested many hours. There were no balance bikes so the clear stages were trike, stabilisers and then two wheels – no doubt accompanied by many bruises and scuffs along the way. I thank my Mum and Dad […]

The Mersey Roads National 24 Hour Championship time trial has run annually since 1937, except during the Second World War. The event challenges riders to cycle as far as they can over a 24-hour period. Read about last month’s 2015 edition through the eyes of Jack Jones, adventure cyclist and mechanic in our London Kings […]

  Hi All Just looking at what I wrote for last years event “Mixed day today, perfect weather to begin with and then the Thunderstruck (enjoy!!) and we all got a bit wet!! ” Well today we started in the rain and then Thunder in the Mountains!  Must be something to do with our Liphook event. […]

Whether you’re new to keeping fit or a seasoned pro, a heart rate monitor from Suunto helps you take the hard work out of working out. Suunto has a top range of heart rate monitor watches for cyclists, perfect if you’ve just caught the fitness bug or are already a wily veteran. They’re clever, stylish […]

Lightweight, easy to use and super-smart, cycle computers are a great way to keep track of your vital biking statistics. Here’s our pick of the best. Cycle computers help you to set personal best records or simply measure how far you cycle into work each morning. Without the extra cost that comes with more expensive […]

Polar changed the game when it brought heart rate monitoring to our wrists. Now we explain why a Polar device is the perfect choice for you fitness freaks. Pioneering Polar was among the first companies to bring heart rate technology to our wrists – and we’re forever grateful. For years now, cyclists, not to mention […]

Motivation, mapping, and performance. A Garmin cycle computer takes your cycling places you never dreamed of. But which is right for you?     What’s a cycle computer? A tiny gadget that clips onto your handlebars and delivers all kinds of amazing information – from intricate performance data to open-road route planning.   Why Garmin? […]

When your cycling shifts up a gear, so should your equipment. Find out how a cycling GPS monitors your performance and helps you hit new heights. So you’ve got the bug. You’re out every day now, taking out your 2 wheels on different roads and trails - varying challenges and degrees of difficulty. But are you getting […]

Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and website every week? No problem! Once a week we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up…and this week is all about lights because it’s that time of year when the […]

Great on a budget but still packed with features, Cateye cycle computers are the perfect accessory for measuring your performance. The best way to improve at something is to monitor your progress – take note of your weaknesses and work at smoothing them out. This is certainly the case with cycling. And there’s no better […]