We’re into the beginning of the trundle towards winter. Sorry. There is nothing we can do about that – but we can help you prepare. We asked Gore Bike Wear to explain the science behind their outfit seasons, and help you work out what kit will best suit your rides: Opium-fiend Keats called it the […]

Have you got your popcorn ready? Are you sitting comfortably? Every year, a group of Evans Cycles colleagues embark upon the 1,000km ride across Europe to the biggest bike show in the world – Eurobike. It all started because Head Buyer Joel hates EasyJet. But now it’s a tradition, a right of passage, and an […]

Last year, Head Buyer at Evans Cycles Joel Natale decided to dip his toe into the racing scene. An accomplished rider, it wasn’t long before he had his first category license.  There are a lot of riders at Evans Cycles who use Strava dedicatedly, but others who are more cautious with it. Joel falls into […]

It’s almost here. The moment you didn’t know you were waiting for. Every year, a group of Evans Cycles colleagues embark upon a 1000km ride, over 5 days, to the biggest bike show in the world – Eurobike. For some riders, it’s an annual trip they’ve become used to. For others, it’s a big fat […]

On September 7th, 2014 we hosted the HOY 100 – an epic challenge sportive in North Yorkshire. The 100 mile route covers 11,000ft of climbing, and even Sir Chris Hoy himself said he was pleased he’d put the miles in beforehand. We were there with the cameras on the day, filming riders taking part and […]

A new addition to our calendar for 2014 see’s head to Tavistock on the edges of the Dartmoor National Park, for our RIDE IT Dartmoor Sportive. Expect a tough ride with some big climbs which start almost as soon as you leave Tavistock with the route heading up into Dartmoor via the Rundlestone climb as featured in […]

Turbo training isn’t quite the same as cycling outside. An outdoor bike ride has the added benefits of increased fitness, alongside enjoyment of the scenery and fresh air – whilst training on a turbo is mainly a means to an end. The means being pain inducing intervals, the end being improved fitness, power, and beating […]

We have to admit, we are surprised – a little bit. When we asked out Facebook fans this week if they thought Wiggins could triumph against 3 time world champ, Tony Martin, the answers were mainly ‘no’, though many said they hoped Wiggins could take the stripes. Wiggins had stated before the event that he […]

At the dawn of September, we were blessed with sunny mornings and warm afternoons, but as the season marches towards October, temperatures have begun to drop. This isn’t what any cyclist really wants to hear, of course – but there are upsides to the onset of autumn, and even the coming of winter. Quieter trails, […]

With autumn progressing and daylight hours diminishing it isn’t uncommon for summer cyclists to become less enthusiastic about getting out on their bikes. If you’ve been using your bike to get to and from work, it’s understandable to feel some concerns about continuing to do so if that means riding in the dark, but there […]