We’ve been sponsoring the Cycling Weekly Adventure X events all year, and we’re really excited about the next event in the series – the Galloway Gallop on Sunday, 21st September. Adventure X combines road and off-road sections for an exploratory experience which gives riders the chance to enjoy varied scenery whilst getting some tough miles […]

  We don’t think autumn deserves the bad reputation it has. Of course, there are some spontaneous showers and whirlwind moments when every direction benefits from a headwind – but there are also some sensational days that are not to be missed. One of the major struggles riders face on autumn is deciding what to […]

  The autumn months have a bit of a bad reputation – associated with bitter chill, downpours and tornado worthy blustery winds. Poor autumn mainly suffers because it precedes winter – one of the toughest times to ride. Few riders get excited about December (except perhaps cyclocross racers) and we tend to begrudge autumn for […]

  The weekend just gone was a pretty epic one for Great Britain’s downhill mountain biking crew. Welsh rider Manon Carpenter rode towards a Gold Medal in the UCI Downhill World Championship in Norway on Sunday, with Brits Rachel Atherton in Silver and Tahnee Seagrave in Bronze. Conditions were dry which resulted in a rough track […]

  Over the past few months we’ve published some posts by Evans Cycles staff trainer, Nick Coley, as he prepared himself for the Leadville 100. He rode the event with clothing manager, Paul – here’s the experience in Nick’s words: The dust has now settled on what was defiantly the highlight of my year from […]

  Yesterday, we published a post highlighting some of the exciting new bikes in our 2015 range – Adventure Road bikes. Evolved from a mixture of cyclocross bikes and endurance road bikes, these designs have been brewing for a while. There have been middle ground semi-cyclo-cross, semi-endurance-road bikes on the market for some time, but […]

A new addition to our calendar for 2014 see’s head to Wells, one of England’s smallest cities, for our RIDE IT Somerset Sportive. As I live in Somerset it’s my  local event and I’ve been keen to devise a route that showcases the best of the varied terrain that the area has to offer.  The routes take […]

Bike manufacturers are ever expanding their ranges to meet new riding trends –  and Adventure Road is the industries new favourite game. It’s been around for ages – but only accidentally. You’ve probably been adventure road biking if you’ve manage to take your road bike down a path you weren’t too sure it could handle, […]

  Every year since 2011, a team of Evans Cycles riders have made the Tour de Eurobike pilgrimage to the biggest bike show in the world. This year, a peloton from our buying team embarked upon the 1000km ride, and we’ll be sharing videos from their journey soon. Not with them, but travelling alongside, Pinnacle, […]

Turbo time of year has come back around. Turboing (verb): The act of attaching ones bike to a stationary unit, to pedal it inside. The ideal solution to keeping fit when the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor ride or when you want a short/hard/focused workout. For many racing cyclists turboing is a year round staple […]