Hopefully you’ve already heard the news about Santa Clause – but just in case you haven’t – he got in contact with us earlier in the year to say he’s REALLY busy. All the kids have been super good this year, which means more presents – and a lot of work for our loveable, […]

Adventure Road   I’ve been taking trips down adventure road as of late. The Pinnacle Arkose is our Adventure Road bike, designed by James Olsen who so beautifully explained the sliding scale of Endurance Road bikes, Adventure Road bikes, and Cyclocorss Race bikes here. Cyclocross began as an eyeballs out, 1 hour race discipline taking place on […]

Bike manufacturers are ever expanding their ranges to meet new riding trends –  and Adventure Road is the industries new favourite game. It’s been around for ages – but only accidentally. You’ve probably been adventure road biking if you’ve manage to take your road bike down a path you weren’t too sure it could handle, […]

Disagreements, frustration and impatience are often witnessed on the roads, and these emotions can lead to accidents if allowed to go unchecked. This week, for National Road Safety Week, we’d like to look at some of the things we can ALL do to make the roads safer. At Evans Cycles, most of us are cyclists, […]

RIDE INTRO Another new addition to our calendar for 2014 and a return to the north east for our RIDE IT series after. There’s some great cycling in this part of the country taking you through some amazing countryside. The climbs are big in places and whilst some have steep sections most have long and consistent […]

  In case you missed the memo – Santa is busy this year – the elves are on overtime and the big man himself is working so hard he’s even losing weight! It’s ok though, Christmas has been saved: Mr Christmas has asked Sir Hoy, #FatherChris, to help out delivering some of the presents. The […]

Dropping temperatures are common in November – the big chill tends to continue until the later days of February – and numb fingers are a common undesirable side effect without the right gloves. Thankfully, we’ve got a wide range of finger shields designed to keep you warm. When looking for winter gloves, key features to […]

  There’s just two weeks until Round Two of the Revolution UK Track Series and excitement is beginning to simmer among the Future Stars.  The Future Stars series, for talented 15 and 16 year old riders, is sponsored by HOY bikes. We’ve been catching up with the four riders who were highlighted by series manager Jenny Gretton – and […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. The winner for October was Tamima, who told us what he thought of the Norco Heart 2014 Singlespeed Bike.  Here’s her review of the ‘Super Sexy Sam(ual L Jackson).  She was very pleased with her win and said: ” This […]

We had a fantastic time watching the Revolution Track series, at Lee Valley VeloPark – and with our ‘Evans Cycles Blog’ media passes, we had the opportunity to get into the pits and speak to some of the riders. The Maloja Pushbikers (then Rudy Project RT) were the victors at the end of last years […]