Shorter days can sometimes mean less time for cycling – but this doesn’t have to be the case if you pick up a bike light capable of showing you the road even in the pitch black. Drivers don’t stop taking to the roads when the light fades – they just switch the headlights on, and […]

Cycling is a fantastic way to see the world, and mountain biking enables you to see areas that can’t be found by car, and are too deep to be frequented by many walkers. Regardless if you’re visiting trail centres, or keeping it natural and exploring some of your local beauty spots, getting yourself a mountain […]

With daylight hours shifting ever so slightly, our thoughts are beginning to turn to lighting and safety –  keeping ourselves and our beloved bikes safe on the road, and being seen. The Blaze Laserlight was created by British designer Emily Brooke. The light uses a laser to display the image of a cyclist on the road, […]

Smart phones are a part of life these days and there’s little they can’t do – except perhaps pedal your bike for you, or make you a cuppa (give it a year or so..). Your smart phone can provide maps when your ‘ride until you get lost’ plan works a little too well, they can […]

With the HOY100 under three weeks away, riders embarking upon the challenge will be upping their mileage and beginning to think about nutrition for the big event itself. The 100 mile Pennines ride promises to be a challenge and Sir Chris himself has been helping riders prepare, with some training advice he garnered from BC […]

Never fear, summer is still with us and we’re not going to start preaching waterproofs and full beam 1000 lumen light sets. However, the daylight hours are becoming a little more limited, and if you are riding later into the evening, a set of ‘be seen’ lights will certainly be a good addition to your […]

We’ve done  ’36 things cyclists say’ – and we know members of the cycling community, otherwise called the ‘OddOnes’,  have plenty of funny little quirks which we love to celebrate. Of course, sometimes we have to interact with humanoids from outside the #OddOnes community. And they do say the funniest things. Here are some of […]

UPDATE 5pm Friday Hi All. We have had to amend the MTB course I’m afraid. The bridges are still down on a section of route so we’ve had to remove this section again. It adds a bit more road in and cuts down the lengths of routes down a little but Mike thinks this’ll give […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. July’s winner was the aptly named ‘OrangeRider’ from London – he reviewed the Brompton SL3 2014 Folding Bike. We don’t provide detailed information on our reviewers, but we can tell you Mr Rider is from Birmingham, aged 25-34, and […]

Our sale is jam packed with amazing deals on clothing, parts, accessories – and of course , the big one – bikes. We’ve got all sorts of bikes reduced, and there are tons of offers to choose from, but we know the sea of reductions can seem a little intimidating at first. For that reason, […]