At Evans Cycles, we pride ourselves on providing quality cycling gear, and when we teamed up with Sir Chris Hoy to create HOY bikes, we knew everyone involved in the creation of the bikes had the same priorities. HOY  bikes are the product of thorough design, by our in-house guru James Olsen, and meticulous tweaking […]

Our RideIt! events have been having a rocking record year – with thousands of riders joining us for events almost every weekend. We’ve got tons more routes planned throughout the year, and with fantastic entry figures already for these upcoming rides, we’re stepping up our service to make them even better. Over the rest of […]

Summer time means plenty of extra sunlight hours – and quite obviously they need to be primarily dedicated to the single joy of bike riding. Riding is awesome fun on its own – but we cyclists (currently known as the #OddOnes) are always looking for a new little gadget to help us enjoy the ride even […]

Hi All. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at my home event. I’m posting this up a bit earlier and before Thursday as I have a lot to do tomorrow and need to go out in the evening. So……..   Some IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ. Whitchurch Bridge in Pangbourne is closed and you […]

If you’re looking for a new bike to get you out on the roads this summer, we’ve got some amazing road bike deals for you – with up to £300 off four models which have set journalist’s fingers flying across keypads with stunning reviews. Cannondale are the lead sponsors for Cannondale Pro Cycling, and they’re […]

Women’s cycling is a major priority for us at the moment, and we’re proud to announce the introduction of guided rides, aimed at encouraging female cyclists to take part in RideIt! events. Women’s cycling is growing incredibly quickly, aided by focused support from British Cycling, who aims to get 1 million more women cycling by […]

We’re proud to be working with Fat Lad At the Back to provide clothing for the larger rider.  Fat Lad At The Back brings together top quality Italian production, a passion for cycling and an understanding of the challenges facing normal and larger sized people trying to fit into cycling gear often created for racing whippets. FLAB take […]

2014 is set to be an exciting year for Fuji. The German pro team who ride Fuji’s bikes, NetApp-Edura, have been given wildcard entry to the Tour de France this year, following a successful 2013. They’ll be racing on a brand new model. “Transonic” is an aeronautics term for a condition of flight when airflow surrounding […]

Sizing a road bike is a very serious business. You need to get your position right to ensure you get the right balance between power transfer, aerodynamics and comfort. Of course, it’s not all about what the bike is like when you’re riding. Here, Glenn from our Wandsworth store outlines his #OddOnes tips for how […]

Bike week is an annual celebration of cycling, and it’s an opportunity to promote bike riding to the general public as an accessible, fun, environmentally friendly hobby and means of transport. It began on Saturday 14th June, and runs until Sunday 22nd (we’re pretty sure that’s more than a week, but we stand to be […]