The first real test of the GC contenders will be the 41.5 km time trial between Arc-et-Senans and Besançon. Time trial stages have a different choreography because the riders do their respective races at different times and it requires a precise plan to keep things in motion.

We are entering the busiest period of the summer and there was plenty happening in June: Our very own Cav was riding the Paris-Roubaix sportive, this is his account of the preparations A bunch of new Pinnacle bikes were previewed by Bert, namely the Dolomite, the Cobalt and the Arkose We’ve just opened our newest store […]

The Centre for Challenge Prizes at Nesta is launching two prizes to harness UK ingenuity to increase the number of people cycling across the UK. The prizes are supported by Nesta and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Whether as a means of getting around locally for individuals and families, or for the daily […]

Rider  Times   Not wanting to labour a point, but our weather is bonkers at the moment!! With events all over the country being affected by the current damp spell we turned up at Dorking on Saturday morning knowing that the MTB route was generally ride-able ( I don’t think anyone was expecting there to […]

Completing over 3000 kilometers in three weeks is an enormous undertaking for both the riders and their bikes, mechanics work hard every day to keep the bikes running. We’ve spent a couple of days with the BMC Racing Team during the Tour de Suisse – have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look how they prepare the bikes […]

Guest blogger and Eurosport commentator David Harmon’s preview of the 99th Tour de France Richard Allchin is a bit of a rough diamond. A rock & roll manager turned mentor to cyclists he rediscovered his schoolboy passion for the bicycle when he realised that the hedonistic life of rock was killing him slowly but surely. […]

The Tour de France is about to start and those of us who has to follow the race behind our desks at work, David Harmon and Sean Kelly of Eurosport will be the guide for the race for the next three weeks. We asked David a couple of questions about commenting – be sure to […]

This video shows you how to pack your bike for air travel in a way that protects all the parts and components. The motto: you can never have too much padding!

The opening stage of the Tour De France is only a matter of days away. This is one of the highest points of the cycling calendar, and usually an event for novice riders to watch in awe. Not all, it would seem, are content only to watch. We caught up with Redhill Cycling Club member, […]

So you decided to part with a sizeable amount of your hard earned cash money to buy your dream trail bike. There is a plethora of choice and we all know that the abundance of choice can be crippling. Therefore we would like to show you two worthy candidates. While we all have our personal […]