We’ve all noticed it – spring is well and truly in full swing. For riders who have been cycling through the winter, that means the long-awaited payoff of dry and dusty trails. But for those who are new to the world of mountain biking, it could be an even more special time; the opportunity to […]

Harry Maidment is a guest blogger from Eurosport, who will share race previews with us throughout the season. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m not going to paint an inaccurate picture just on the unlikely chance that a rider competing in the Giro is reading this blog, and so not to scare them. […]

The warm weather poises more and more of us to jump on our bikes and make the most of the long evenings and hot weekends. Food and drink products are divided into two main groups: pre/during ride and post-ride products. The reason for this division is that your body has different needs before, during and […]

We’ve spent the day putting out this weekends Sportive route and, as usual for Scotland, it’s a stunner! Personally I put the Medium loop out and it’s one of my favourite road rides on our series. From Aberfoyle you head up a dead end road for 10miles, passing 4 Lochs, until you reach a T-junction, a […]

With a little over 2 weeks till our King of the Downs super sportive we decided to catch up with our sponsored ‘Super Sportiver’ James Berresford who was fresh back from a week’s riding in Tenerife. We arranged to meet on the Eastern loop at the top of Titsey Hill, the last climb in the […]

Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle reviewed the Adventure ST3 Two Seater 2009 Trailer bike for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at www.tremendouslytwo.blogspot.com OK, I’ll level with you; I’m not exactly the most confident of cyclists and so hadn’t given the idea of a trailer much thought. Friends of ours though had found them […]

We at Evans Cycles are pleased to run events in association with LLR, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity, where the keen cyclist and former professional footballer Geoff Thomas is a patron. We have worked with LLR since 2004 to provide staffing support, mechanical help and promote cycling at events including the Bikeathon series, and through […]

In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time.  Here David Harmes shares with us his impressions of this Fuji Team 2.0 road bike: I started the year after four virtually bike-free months. So with basic fitness at […]

Last nights mega commute was a nice ride with the quiet bank holiday roads, but this time, we faced a new enemy – WIND!!…gusty, unpredictable, snatchy, energy sapping wind. So I asked around the team for some tips, here they are: 1. Ride behind someone else 2. Get a good pedalling rhythm 3. Get as […]

We have a great suspension service up in the North, in Kendal and they can take good care of your suspension. You can either drop the bike off at your nearest Evans Cycles store to have the fork or the rear suspension removed but if you follow the steps of this video, probably you can […]