Essentials Distances: 161 km / 113 km Participants: 580 (Sold out) Start: Brockenhurst College, Brockenhurst, SO42 7ZE Cost: £37 / £33 Transport: Parking on-site, Brockenhurst Station <1km Feedstops: Epic (Ferry x2 + 2), Standard (Ferry x2 + 1) Timed: Yes (Helmet stickers) Signs: Clear Black Arrows on an orange background Road: A mixture but on […]

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to make a better shopping experience. We know from talking to lots of you that a website like ours needs to basically do two things: 1) support a quick purchase like an inner tube or energy product, and 2) help you research products better, like […]

This post has been updated. Ride Times from RideIt! Reading Rider times can be found here:- MTB Sportive Ta Dean Post Event Round Up What a great weekend! Dean is right, if you missed this weekend, you missed out on some top cycling turf and sunshine.  The slight route changes from last year meant that the down […]

We teamed up with the kind folks at AudaxUK to find and sponsor an audax rider. We asked you to send in a short event review and from all the great entries, we have chosen Paul Charrier Martin. Here is his second guest post – check out his previous posts here. Having completed the qualifying […]

Essentials Distance: 111km Participants:    7000+ (6450 finishers) Start: Modane Valfrejus Transport:        Flew Easyjet London Gatwick to Lyon Feedstops:      3 Major Feeds, a large number of other water stops formal and informal Timed:             Yes (Stickers on the bike number) Signs:              Clear Black Arrows on a Yellow background Road:              Simply incredible. Sections of tarmac on the Galibier […]

Evans Cycles is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary in 2011. 90 years is a long time and many great things have happened. To celebrate this unique occasion, we are going to look into the history of Evans Cycles, we have created great deals, have created a Special Edition Pashley Clubman to commemorate the anniversary and we […]

We have received an invitation last week to a Brompton event, where something exciting was to be launched. The event was held yesterday at Betjeman Arms at St. Pancras with the Eurostar platforms acting as a grandiose backdrop. The exciting new product was the Brompton Oratory Jacket, Brompton’s first foray into clothing. Having tried the […]

Well here we are at 3,000m on the top of Pic Blanc, Alpe D’Huez. It’s 7am on a Sunday morning, 2 degrees and pretty blooming cold stuck in a long lift queue to get up the top of the mountain. But still, it’s pretty special. After my dismal qualifying run, I was pleased to be […]

This blogpost has been updated – Rider Times, check the latest info below. Post Event Info. Below we wrote “Join us for RideIt! Cotswolds and soak up charming country lanes” what we should have said was ” get SOAKED on country lanes!!” What a wet weekend that was, possibly the worst in Ride It history. […]

Guest post from LFGSS from member Will Melling. Do not use Hiplok if pregnant it says in the miniature booklet that accompanies this product. Ok, thanks for the warning. It also says, more applicably for a 46 year old man, that it should not be worn round the neck. The latter you might think is […]