Winter certainly happened this month, I had to get the lights, leg warmers, over shoes and the winter gloves out to combat the freezing morning commutes into work! A good amount of Cyclo Cross, commuting, running and a technique session in the pool this month as the weekly turbo sessions took a back seat due […]

If you have ever tried mountain biking at night you know what a thrill it is.   The feeling of isolation and adventure really gets the adrenalin going.  The tamest of trails keep you on your toes and the rustle of the trees send your imagination wild.  We’ve been running Night Ride’s at some of our […]

Hi All. Before I start – Parking. We have secured the use of the fairground field to park cars this weekend – which we’ve had to do due to the large number of riders expected to attend! Access to the field will be off the main road and will be staffed when the centre carpark […]

We have the field – on-the-day entries are still open. GPX files coming soon. Dean

You may or may not have heard of the clearance section that we have within the Crawley store and the savings that can be found on 2010, new 2011 and ex demo bikes. The clearance section consists of bikes with minor scratches and dents; within the clearance section we have bikes of every style that […]

Due to the amazing pre-entryfor this event ( twice the total of riders on last years event ) I’m having trouble finding extra carparking. I have been on this since Friday but the land I have my eye on is owned by the local authority and getting hold of someone has been a mission. I have been informed […]

Earlier this week, we sat down with our buyers and asked them to come up with a prediction for some Christmas bestsellers: which kids bikes will be the most popular? So here are the top 10 bikes for all ages! Age Sex Price Early Rider Classic Kids Bike 2-5 unisex £99.99 Specialized Hotrock 20 Inch […]

A self-described engineering company with a strong focus on technology, quality and Swiss precision engineering, BMC’s very individual and unique iSC design (integrated skeleton concept) as found on many of the bikes makes them highly distinguishable, even from a distance. With very strong branding and identity (their characteristic Red/Black/White team colours feature throughout the range) […]

Fuji as a bike brand celebrates its 111th birthday with the model year 2011. Named after Mt Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance, it’s upon these traits in which the bikes are designed and built. The 2011 range is as comprehensive and all-encompassing as you could need. With something for all tastes and […]

The Bikes and Styles BMX bikes are pretty basic in their construction, and rely on the latest trends rather than the latest technologies to drive the sport. Yes, companies are pushing the limits as to how strong and light they can make the bikes, but getting the right style is the key factor when buying […]