Cyclists, we’ve got our odd little quirks, haven’t we? We’ve just launched our brand new TV ad, which celebrates the funny little habits of cyclists – from buying rock hard saddles, and wearing padded shorts, to riding from London to Brighton when there is a perfectly good train line. Our entire company is made up […]

Evans Cycles is old – positively wrinkly, in fact – we’re over 90, and we’re made up of over 1,000 individuals. Within our ranks, we’ve got cyclists of every kind. And they know cyclists of more kinds. Who know… You see where we’re going. The cycling world is wide and vast, and it’s made up […]

The cycling community is vast, and made up of an array of colourful personalities, which can be loosely slotted into tribes. Though in some cases, members of these tribes do not always mix when placed in close proximity to one another; the truth is that they are all united by one love. We know we […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. May’s winner was Paul, who bought a Specialized Rockhopper 29er Comp Mountain bike:   Here’s what Paul said about the bike… Having had this MTB for four days, I have been out on each day putting the bike through […]

Whether you’re buying a new bike, or upgrading your current steed, the groupset will make a big difference to your enjoyment and speed. More expensive components mean less weight, easier shifting and greater comfort, but there are options available at every price point. The leading manufacturers for these essential elements – the chainset, cassette, shifters, […]

From Brighton to Edinburgh in three days, the 2014 #HOYTour has been a whistlestop run of the country. With seven rides, and two evening events, Sir Chris and the team have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of fans, HOY bike owners and all-round avid cyclists. Here are the highlights from a wonderful final day […]

Everyone at Evans Cycles likes bicycles – that figures, doesn’t it? If there’s one thing we like MORE than bicycles, it’s riding them in summer. Admittedly, it’s been a bit cloudy over the last week, so we thought we’d compile a list of 10 of the best things about summer (which IS on the way). […]

***We’ve all heard “rain couldn’t dampen the spirits…” a million times. Journalists have sought far and wide, looking for alternatives to this much overused introduction. In this case, we believe the statement is so true, so worthy- so much sums up the HOYTour so far, that we’re simply going to use it anyway. Here we […]

Hi All. We are busy gearing up for our hardest Sportive of the year, The King of the Downs. Now in it’s 6th year, this is a classic 10 hill Sportive  to challenge even the fittest riders. So far we have booked the drink stations, ordered 2500 bananas, 4000 bits of flapjack, 150 fruitcakes and […]

On the 9th August, one Evans Cycles Race Team member will be riding the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race in Colorado. He’s looking forward to it, and stepping up the training now his nerves are settled. Here’s an introduction to Staff Trainer Nick Coley’s challenge: First : meet Nick (it always helps to put a face […]