We’ve all heard this: However – it’s about to get harder.We hate to say it but the joys of winter snow and ice are probably not far away, in fact one of our Evans Cycles crew already stacked it on a big patch of nasty black ice to celebrate the start of 2014. This patch […]

The new 2015 bike models are in – and the good news is that means that 2014 bikes have all had their prices slashed.  We’ve got thousands of bikes reduced in our January sale – and you can take out finance on any bike over £500, bringing the deals even closer to your grasp. Here’s […]

Please note this event has sold out, we are no longer accepting entries either via our website or on the day. Please don’t turn up on the day if you don’t already have an entry. UPDATE 10/1/15 It looks like the link to the GPS files in the pre event email isn’t working, its seems […]

Cycling on the road isn’t dangerous as long as you take the right precautions – and high visibility kit is not a requirement, but it can help other road users to see you, as well as being reassuring. We’ve got plenty of high viz options – from the simple and stylish, to some pieces which […]

If you’ve made a resolution to get cycling fit in 2015, we applaud you, and we definitely want to help. Firstly, we’ve got training programmes written by professional coaches for you to follow – and there are sessions for beginners, spotivers and racers, every day right up to February. We’ve got some nutrition advice for […]

This month’s winning customer review was written by Tristan who has been out riding his mountain bike with the Hope R8 LED Vision – 1 Cell Front Light.  Tristan is in his early twenties, and shopped in our Sheffield Store – he’s a regular mountain biker, and had this to say (he even sent us a […]

Training will help you to reach your cycling goals, but you are what you eat – and good nutrition will help fuel good rides, and ensure you recover well afterwards. The ‘perfect nutrition’ will be individual to you –  quantities required vary depending on weight, and certain foods will suit some riders better than others – but […]

Congratulations for joining us for our #NYRevolution! We’re providing training plans from the gang at Dig Deep Coaching – all the detail you need to follow the plan is here. This is the first full week of your training plan. Remember that if you ever feel so fatigued you can’t do the session well, take the day off […]

Congratulations for joining us for our #NYRevolutions! We’re providing training plans from the gang at Dig Deep Coaching – all the detail you need to follow the plan is here. Today being New Years Day (we hope your head isn’t too fuzzy..) we thought it was a sensible day to start. This plan takes you from today, […]

We’re excited to be working with Dig Deep Coaching to provide you with a 5 week training plan and the chance to win an individual plan and nutrition session with Rob Van Der Werf, Nutritionist to GIANT-Shimano Pro team. The training sessions will begin on Monday and the format is explained here; and you can use […]