We’ve been out in the glourious Staffordshire countryside in the sunshine, not sure it’s going to last until the weekend though……. Please read the below as there are important pointers to help you have a great day. PLEASE BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You will not be able to register without it and you’ll have […]

Every cyclist has their heroes, and at Evans Cycles head office each meeting room is blessed with the name of a cyclist who fills us with respect. 6 Gold Medals is one hell of an achievement, but we’re fairly confident the knowledge that Evans Cycles colleagues are having regular chin wags in ‘Hoy’ makes Sir […]

We’ve all been there – it begins with a scratchy throat, then the sniffle develops, and it’s not long before you’re brewing Lensip in the office kitchen and stocking up on Kleenex. No one wants to spend a week struggling through a cold, so we’ve put our heads together to find the best advice for […]

Jack Pullar won the Bec CC Hill Climb for the third year in a row at the historic event on Sunday. Evans Cycles donated vouchers towards the prize fund of the The White Hill Lane climb which is always a crowd pleaser. With Garmin-Sharp’s David Millar rounding off his 18 year career on the GH/31 […]

Yesterday Evans Cycles’ Content & Social Media expert Michelle was invited to spend the day with some cycling royalty at the Cyclosport Industry Ride and Lunch. It’s not every day we get to see so many representatives of the lively cycling community in one place, so we thought you’d like to hear some of the […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. The winner for August was Marc, who told us what he thought of the Knog Blinder Road Rear 4 LED. Literary genius, we’re sure you’ll agree…  “Very bright light perfect for commuting Knog Blinder Road Rear 4 LED Knog your […]

If you thought you’d seen it all when Danny MacAskill released his latest video, The Ridge, you were wrong. Trials riding just got even more playful. Last week XTreme published this epic StopMotion film, using genuine playmobil characters, and we can’t even begin to count the hours it must have taken to produce this marvelous […]

Sportive cross is the new addition to our RIDE IT series that offers the opportunity to switch between fast flowing road miles and the muddy joys of trails and singletrack. A world of freedom is being opened up by the rise of cyclocross and adventure road bikes, but not everyone who enjoys the variety fancies […]

  Over seventy years after Billie Fleming completed her near 30,000 mile ride to raise awareness for the health benefits of cycling a tribute ride is being organised to continue her goal. Evans Cycles stores will act as start and finish points for as many stages as possible, and organiser Anne Hunt is now looking […]

Your bike takes a hammering over the colder, wetter months – especially if  you use it to get to and from work. Gritted roads, washed up gravel and general grime can build up over time and cause corrosion if you let it – but you don’t have to. There are a number of steps you […]