There will by cyclists – both men and women – who will have their (Lycra) feathers seriously ruffled by the idea of a women-only sportive. Yet we have seen a number of such events cropping up in recent years and they are proving more and more popular. We find out why..   by Fiona Outdoors […]

Text: Adele Mitchell Illustration: Amy Millar   The vibe – sporting every innovation under the sun: you are a two-wheeled ‘early adopter’, weighed down by technology.   Helmet – designed in a wind tunnel. Laughed at by small children.   GPS device – monitors your performance and compares your time, heart rate, power, and general […]

Text: Adele Mitchell Illustration: Amy de Nobriga     The Cyclist’s Tan – recognisable by the contrast between the pale flesh beneath your cycling kit and your deeply tanned arms, legs and face – is a direct result of putting the summertime miles in. There is no tan centre-ground here: a razor sharp line shows […]

If it really is the thought that counts, then that’s never more true than on Father’s Day. Of course, you could become wrapped up in the rampant commercialisation of what is a dubious event at the best of times — if you’d like to spend big on bike bits for your pedalling pater, we’re certainly […]

Hi All. Just heading off to put out the short road route which is a great 40mile loop ( including  a Long loop extension ) with losds of great views and very little traffic. That’s a theme for most of the Sportive ride, but a word of warning – save some energy for the last 2 […]

I bet you are wondering what you possibly need to know about chamois cream? Most cyclists will, at some point or other, require a liberal application of this special cream but few will imagine there is more to the topic than this. But do you know why it’s even called chamois cream, how it works, […]

This year’s National Bike Week has a special focus on encouraging more people to use their bikes to cycle to work. Part of the campaign includes a three-week National Cycle Challenge, a fun and free competition to see which companies can get most of their staff members riding a bike… While cycling to work is undoubtedly a great […]

  Having just launched our Right Bike Guarantee, we are confident we recognise the unique needs the individual cyclist may have. While bike fits and tech specs play a huge part, we also understand that beneath all the functional, calculated and practical ,there often also lies something more irrational, emotional and even positively impractical. No matter what type of rider you are, with […]

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the ethics of the cycling industry. Us two-wheeled, self-propelled riders regularly get slapped on the back for our pollution-saving ways and we can and should be proud of what we contribute, but when you add it all up, can cycling still claim to be eco-friendly all around?   […]

The ‘Worlds’ may not be scheduled into the elite race calendar until late September and towards the end of the race season but with the 82nd edition of the UCI Road World Championships being held in Richmond, USA and its ‘capital region’ (Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland) this year and with us offering a fantastic trip there to go and watch the event live, […]