You can download results from the Ride It! Cannock Chase event below – Off Road Rider Times – we had a few problems with the timing system on Saturday, there are currently some gaps in the results which I’m still trying to recover from the backup. Sportive Rider Times

Here at Evans Cycles we are fortunate to have many members of our store staff who ride BMX, so you know there will always be someone who knows what they’re talking about. Over the next couple of months we are going to be catching up with a few of the guys who ride in our […]

September started with a usual week of commuting, a couple of sessions in the pool and a Turbo. The weekend took on a different turn with the English version of the Paris-Roubaix – the Tour of the Cornfields, 60 miles off road (10 on road). This was a Cyclo Cross Sportive, which could be easily […]

Guest post from Rob Spedding, Editor of Cycling Plus magazine. This morning on Radio 5 there was yet another report on recent research that found that cycling, and road cycling in particular, is the new sign of a mid-life crisis in men. It doesn’t feel like a crisis to this middle aged man… This all […]

Today, the 2010 Cycle Show in London opened, though it was a sort of soft-opening: it was open only for trade and press only. The stands were up and running though and we spent the day there to check out the highlights – here’s a quick summary of the best things we’ve seen today. For […]

Hi All. Firstly – Please see the post about where we are as the postcode wont take you to the campsite. We spent yesterday setting out the road ride for Sunday in the glourious sunshine and have just opened the curtains to a fog bound Stafford, ho hum. Still, it’s forecast to burn off by […]

I’ve been out to day riding around the Chase checking routes. Those very nice guys at the Forestry Commission have agree to let us use parts of their man-made trails, so the Long route now includes a section from “Follow the dog” and the “Monkey trail”. These weave through the woods, around berms and have a […]

The sky maybe blue right now, but as anyone who has lived in this Northern European island for any length of time knows, winter will soon be upon us. The clocks will go back, the mercury will drop. While the undoubtedly inclement weather may put people off riding outside there is no reason at all […]

Hi, The postcode given in the event details on the Evans page is the nearest one we could get, It takes you to the Forestry Centre in Cannock and not the event centre itself. To find us you need to travel about a mile west along Penkridge bank and the campsite is on the left. […]

With no Ride It! event taking place last weekend some of the Ride It! team headed off to Thetford Forest to compete in the Dusk Til Dawn 12 hour race. After a bit of a disorganised start, what with me thinking Thetford Forest was just a few miles off the M25, us all missing the rider […]