Pictures I popped out on the sportive on Sunday fro half an hour to take some pic. These were with varying degrees of success!! The few that I did take can be found here  Reading 12  If you saw me towards the end but are not there, sorry I missed you. Ta Dean   Rider Times […]

May was a varied month with a lot of rain and a lot of sunshine. Here is a quick recap what has happened in May: Tracy Moseley came to our West End store to talk about her career A very exciting Giro d’Italia took place in the better part of the month, having the first-ever […]

This was my third year of taking part in the Evans Cycles RideIt! King of the Downs, their showcase event. Despite my plan to only ride the first loop, this was the best edition yet. A combination of the testing course and the sudden up-turn in the weather ensured a huge attendance at Evans Cycles […]

As the cycling season gets under way we are hearing of more riders then ever stepping up to challenges all over the country and even venturing abroad to partake in cycling adventures with many supporting good causes in the process. We know that preparing for a challenge ride is an exciting time and as the […]

As the country gears up to shout three cheers to the Queen on her diamond jubilee, at Evans Cycles we’re also celebrating our own British heritage. We are always happy to hear our bikes are weathering the years, and we were ecstatic to hear from Rod Leschasin, who bought a custom made British FW Evans […]

My name is Erik Purres and my passion is mountainbiking. As a privateer racer I have been making my own way to the races and fighting to progress week in week out while having great time doing what I love. This year I will be riding a Norco Aurum to follow my dream and achieve […]

Welcome to the second in our blogpost series insights into the new Pinnacle 2012 bikes. If you missed our first one on the new flighty Neon series, you can catch up here. Next up, it’s the turn of the Lithium. Without doubt the runaway success of last years’ range as it won fans left, right and […]

This post will start on a slightly personal note because it is about my baby, the book I published about the 2011/2012 cyclocross season. Beside working on the social media side of the business, I have spent my weekends from October until February travelling to all the major cyclocross races, which meant Belgium 90% of […]

The most popular recovery drink manufacturers in cycling have expanded their range to include energy and hydration products. From the production bays of For Goodness Shakes, comes Nectar Sports Fuel, a complete energy & hydration system, including the first Sports Fuel Concentrate, unique compact liquid energy gels and great tasting hydration tabs. Nectar Fuel Concentrate, […]

We’ve made some big changes to the 2012 Pinnacle range and whilst the bikes share the same names as the previous year and make look visually similar there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. In these series of blogposts we’ll take each series and look in-depth at the main features and changes. […]