This weekend sees the first of our night rides. Actually “night” ride is slightly inaccurate as they start from 3-4pm, but it’s dark by then and you’ll need lights. We have a 14mile course for you to follow using highly reflective arrows and tape. Basically when you get to one piece of marking, you should […]

Last month at the Interbike Show in Las Vegas, Quintana Roo’s design team lifted the wraps on a new prototype they’d been working on – Project ‘Illicito’. Still very much in its development stage and not at this point confirmed or not for production, the design is radically different to anything ever seen before in […]

As our recent bike lights review pointed out, the change of seasons requires preparations from the prudent cyclist. The most important thing is to sort out visibility but it’s also important to make your bike ready for winter so you can carry on commuting to work. People often put away their bikes for the winter, […]

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new store in Leeds!  This is our 42nd store and very proud of it we are too. If you are in the area do drop by to check it out and let us know what you think! Plus, on the 18th of November the Kansi bikes […]

Ever increasing costs and journey times to commute to work leave more and more of us searching for alternative modes of transport. Cycling often features high on the list as a free and healthy method that is also great for the environment but is then dismissed due to a lack of confidence to ride on the busy […]

Those very nice photographers from Sportsunday were in attendance this weekend. So if you fancy a picture to remind yourself that, despite the rain before the event, we had two great sunny days before the water returned, then click the logo:- Ta Dean

Before I start to talk about the best cycling discipline, here’s a disclaimer: I am very biased towards cyclo-cross. To me, it sums up all the good things from all areas of cycling and creates a unique and mesmerizing whirlwind. The history It all started roughly at the same time as the Tour de France […]

This month’s customer review was written by Alexander Taboureau on the Exposure Flare Rear Light, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher. Easy to fit to and remove from seat post. Will fit easily in your pocket as the whole unit is quite dinky. Don’t be put off by its small size […]

You can download rider times from this weekend’s rides using the links below – MTB Rider Times Road Sportive Rider Times

Winter certainly happened this month, I had to get the lights, leg warmers, over shoes and the winter gloves out to combat the freezing morning commutes into work! A good amount of Cyclo Cross, commuting, running and a technique session in the pool this month as the weekly turbo sessions took a back seat due […]