RIDE’S BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER! It’s been a great year and what better way to celebrate it than ride with all the people who helped to make it happen – YOU! We would like to invite all our Ride it event regulars, loyal customers, blog readers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and cycling enthusiasts […]

Most of us ride to work on a daily basis, so even though the commuting category might not be considered sexy, we all have our secret objects of desire. Ortlieb Back Roller Pannier Pair There’s an endless debate between pannierati and the backpack afficionados, about which method of portaging is more efficient and we, at […]

The second list will help you to find a suitable gift for your roadie friend/spouse/sibling/significant other. There are low-budget ideas but if you really want indulge him/her, we’ve got a couple of ideas for higher budgets as well! Tacx Sirus Soft Gel T1435 Turbo Trainer While real cyclists should not be intimated by adverse weather […]

Sitting within a couple dozen feet away from one of the biggest bike warehouse in the country, most of us have already bought for ourselves what we really-really wanted. But we all have things that we secretly would like to see once we have torn apart the fancy packaging on Christmas day. I asked around […]

Last week, while we were battling the elements to get to work, Charge Bikes dropped off their latest beauty at our doorstep. To make the deal even sweeter, the Charge Sink is exclusive to Evans Cycles, so you’re not going to be able to buy this bike elsewhere! We asked the man behind Charge, Nick […]

I’ve been commuting with this Exposure Flash / Flare light set for a few dark winter months now and would sum up this compact little light set in one word: bright. The Flash front light, especially when used in flashing mode, is more than enough to alert drivers and pedestrians to your oncoming presence – as […]

This month’s customer review was written by Tim Benson on the Garmin 800 Enduro Pack, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher. My first question on thinking of buying this system was. Why spend £450 when my iphone can do the same job nearly for free. On the first look it may […]

The cyclo-cross season has almost reached its half term but there are still plenty of opportunity to see some world-class action not too far from the British islands. Belgium is just a couple of hours of drive away from the Southeast of the UK and the chance of seeing the biggest names of the sport […]

Three rounds of the London League Cyclo Cross, a decent amount of commuting and several trips to Roehampton University basically wrapped this month up with no chance of running or swimming! Over 500 miles commuting on my BMC SLX Race Master and Gary Fisher Fixie made good base mile training for the weekends racing. For […]

Hi All. After looking at the current weather and the forecast for the next few days, we have decided to cancel this weekends Dorking Ride It. I’ve held out as long as I could to see if the conditions will improve, but the forecast is that temperatures will not go above freezing in Dorking before […]