Hell Hath No Fury Ever done a stage race? Well you’re about to. Two x Twenty is a standard threshold session often used by Time Trial riders, but Sufferfest have mixed it up for this 70 minute workout. This session is based around a 4 stage Stage Race and follows the women’s Pro Tour.  Can […]

Now that I’ve done a few of these, I feel I’m fully prepared… for the pain that’s around the corner. This one is called the Wretched and is under 50 minutes long. Easy! The Wretched If you want to buy the video, it’s here. If not – you can follow the instructions below – RPE […]

So, onto another Sufferfest session, this time it’s The Hunted. By now I’ve realised that the names of these sessions are quite appropriate. You can buy the video here, but as always we’ve reproduced the session below. For an explanation of RPE, check out our intro blog. The Haunted If you buy the video, you’ll […]

We’re really passionate about selling quality children’s bikes that will give young riders a great first experience of cycling – providing memories of enjoyable rides that will stay with them for years to come. We only sell bikes that we believe will give your child a fantastic early experience of cycling. We recently posted some advice on picking […]

Blender Blender is a session with a focus on endurance concocted by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson. It’s all in the name – this is a miss-mash of all types of intervals designed to help you develop your ability to ride longer intervals at ‘threshold’ and to follow that up with an attack. At 1 […]

You can view our full range of children’s bikes here. For more details on sizing, check out this link to a fuller sizing guide for youngsters – though bear in mind that it is a guide only. We also have children’s sizing charts in most stores, where colleagues can help you determine the right size. Staying […]

Head buyer at Evans Cycles, Joel Natale has spent the last 10 years riding in, out and around London.  He’s ridden over 10,000 miles in 2013 so far, many of them travelling in the UK but he’s also ridden rush hour in major US, European and Taiwanese cities.  In that time, he’s learnt a few […]

A very dark place is exactly where you are heading! This session is all about going very very hard until you’re in that place, that very very dark place. This session helps you get there – and it is designed to improve your ability to break away and hold a sustained attack (great if you’re […]

Rubber Glove – This session is for you to complete on Monday 18th November This first session is a little bit different to those you’ll be doing later in the week. This is a fitness test. Or rather a “Sufferlandiran fitness examination”, as the video creators call it. You can use this training session to […]

We’ve been a London bike shop since 1921, over this time we’ve seen bikes change and we’ve seen London change into what is rapidly becoming a cycling super city – every day the streets of London get busier and as the popularity of cycling increases so does the pressure on London’s roads.  Over the last […]