When it comes to cycling to and from work or even when you’re just cycling out and about, you want to make sure you’ve got the right gear. With Giro’s new commuting collection you get the perfect mix between out-performance and casual looking clothing that wouldn’t go amiss in the pub garden on a Saturday […]

A decent summer is a rare thing here in Manchester, and when Zeus himself generously ushered a heat wave up to the North West last week, we Mancunians fervently squeezed every inch from his golden challis of sunshine. As well as the great weather I had the chance to test out the new Giro kit […]

With Giro Sport Design’s ‘New Road’ clothing range promising to be a ‘first-of-its-kind performance collection designed for riders like you – bike apparel for the road, trail, path & park’ and my love for (almost) all kinds of riding, yet not so much for having to own a different wardrobe for each discipline, I was keen to […]

At Evans we’re celebrating the best of cycling heritage right now, and we know of no other British brand that can encapsulate 130 years of cycling history better than Brooks saddles. But, with our Waterloo Cut store being transported back to the 1940s this week, what does a modern Brooks saddle really have in common […]

Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and website every week? No problem! Every Monday we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up. Last week’s most exciting additions include the new Garmin 520, a 24 […]

As part of the heritage focus at our Waterloo Cut store this week, a selection of photographs from legendary cycle photographer Geoff Waugh’s ‘Beyond The Peloton’ show will be on display. Earlier this week we caught up with Geoff and asked him about his own cycling history.   So how did you become a cycle […]

RIDE INTRO One of our most popular events last year, we’re heading back to the National Trust Wimpole Estate in Royston for our RIDE IT Cambridge Sportive on Sunday 12th July. It’s a lovely rolling course that heads south into Essex and takes in some of the same roads that the Tour de France passed down last year. […]

Have you ever wondered what a bike shop may have looked and felt like in the 1940s? Well, if you are in London next week, you could get a pretty good idea simply by visiting our Waterloo Cut store for a vintage experience like no other. For one week only, people can shop and enjoy themselves in […]

Having recently launched our Right Bike Guarantee, we are confident we recognise the unique needs the individual cyclist may have. While bike fits and tech specs play a huge part, we also understand that beneath all the functional, calculated and practical ,there often also lies something more irrational, emotional and even positively impractical. No matter what type of rider you are, with all […]

There’s a well-known saying in cycling: ‘On the rivet.’ It means to be cycling at your absolute maximum, pushing yourself almost over the edge. And it derives from the days when bike racers used Brooks saddles, and would edge forward on the seat as they tried harder, finding themselves sitting literally on the rivet at […]