Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. July’s winner was the aptly named ‘OrangeRider’ from London – he reviewed the Brompton SL3 2014 Folding Bike. We don’t provide detailed information on our reviewers, but we can tell you Mr Rider is from Birmingham, aged 25-34, and […]

Our sale is jam packed with amazing deals on clothing, parts, accessories – and of course , the big one – bikes. We’ve got all sorts of bikes reduced, and there are tons of offers to choose from, but we know the sea of reductions can seem a little intimidating at first. For that reason, […]

The HOY100 is just four weeks away and if you’re riding, now is a good time to start thinking about making sure your bike is ready. That’s an order from Sir Chris Hoy himself. Good hearted as he might be, his Hoyness doesn’t want to be stopping by the side of the road helping you […]

At Evans Cycles we’ve spent the last couple of months talking about the #OddOnes – the people who choose to ride instead of drive, clean their bikes to get them dirty, or shave their legs especially for a weekend ride.  Cyclists are a diverse group and some #OddOnes are more intrepid than others. Nick Coley, […]

Sales are the perfect opportunity to pick up good quality, long-lasting kit at prices you’d pay for inferior gear that’s likely to fail after a few rides (we don’t sell this sort of kit). It’s deals like this that make the #OddOnes who live and breath bicycles flock to the red and white baskets with glee […]

You see the red background, the white lettering – and your heart skips a beat. We’ve all been here. The sale has arrived. The sale you’ve been waiting for that will enable you to buy that one special item you’ve been after. You click the link, or enter the store… but what happens next for […]

Our sale is one made up of quality kit which we know will suit all the  #OddOnes out there who live to ride. We’ve cut the prices of thousands of clothing lines and hundreds of bikes in a super sale bound to get you all grinning like cheshire cats who just spotted a potential upgrade. […]

Our sale is full to the brim with fantastic offers to fill your basket with, and we’ve done our best to provide you #OddOnes with fantastic deals. #OddOnes is the friendly term we give to the inhabitants of the cycling community. Though riders vary from tribe to tribe, we know all cyclists like to use the sale […]

  Next month Sir Chris Hoy will be embarking upon a sportive that bears his name and the HOY100 promises to be a challenge for all riders taking part. Keen to provide advice for those preparing for the event, and to get a little guidance for himself, Sir Chris sought the wisdom of British Cycling […]

The #OddOnes is an appreciative term we apply to all cyclists – but we know the mad bunch of two wheelers are a diverse breed. Climbing is a particular past time of choice for a very particular type of #OddOne. These #OddOnes embrace pain and suffering. They relish the strain in their quads and wipe […]