Today at Evans Cycles we had the chance to soak up the excitement of 32 school children who had won the unique opportunity to go for a spin with Sir Chris Hoy in Richmond Park. We asked schools in Richmond to share with us, in the most creative way possible, stories of their first bikes – […]

RIDER TIMES You can download the rider times from this weekend’s Ride It Hampshire event using the links below – MTB Rider Times Sportive Rider Times INFORMATION FOR THE WEEKEND – IMPORTANT. What a lovely Autumnal ride today. Lots of quiet lanes, flanked by golden trees blowing in the wind – spectacular. Talking of the […]

We’re now into December, so we think it’s safe to start uttering the word ‘Christmas’ a little louder. We’ve covered kids bikes for beneath the tree – but what about the hard working adults? Here’s our round-up of the top Christmas gifts for big kids – these are the big hitting, well considered items that […]

Keeping your extremities warm when the temperature drops is really important, and ensuring your fingers are well wrapped will help keep the rest of your body warm and cosy. There is a perfect pair of gloves out there for everybody, depending upon your body temperature, the sort of riding you’re doing, and the level of padding […]

The new freehub body has a 40 tooth ratchet with 4 pawl engagement. In simple terms this means that the time taken for the drive chain to start moving when you shift from freewheeling to pedalling is quicker – meaning you can get off to a quicker start when you need to. If you’re road […]

You’ve nearly made it! Nearly.. This is the final session in our week long Sufferfest – and it’s super simple. By simple, I mean easy to follow and with one goal in mind. To make you hurt as quickly as possible. This session doesn’t mess about. After a warm up its straight into the pain […]

Hell Hath No Fury Ever done a stage race? Well you’re about to. Two x Twenty is a standard threshold session often used by Time Trial riders, but Sufferfest have mixed it up for this 70 minute workout. This session is based around a 4 stage Stage Race and follows the women’s Pro Tour.  Can […]

Now that I’ve done a few of these, I feel I’m fully prepared… for the pain that’s around the corner. This one is called the Wretched and is under 50 minutes long. Easy! The Wretched If you want to buy the video, it’s here. If not – you can follow the instructions below – RPE […]

So, onto another Sufferfest session, this time it’s The Hunted. By now I’ve realised that the names of these sessions are quite appropriate. You can buy the video here, but as always we’ve reproduced the session below. For an explanation of RPE, check out our intro blog. The Haunted If you buy the video, you’ll […]

We’re really passionate about selling quality children’s bikes that will give young riders a great first experience of cycling – providing memories of enjoyable rides that will stay with them for years to come. We only sell bikes that we believe will give your child a fantastic early experience of cycling. We recently posted some advice on picking […]