Hi All. We are busy gearing up for our hardest Sportive of the year, The King of the Downs. Now in it’s 7th year, this is a classic 10 hill Sportive  to challenge even the fittest riders. So far we have booked the drink stations, ordered 2500 bananas, 4000 bits of flapjack, 150 fruitcakes and […]

In a modern western world with a media so preoccupied with pigeon-holing and stereotyping people, it may seem quite odd to some, and particularly to a non-cycling public, that hundreds of toned men compete in their garish lycra for the chance to win….. a pink jersey. It’s the Giro d’Italia, of course, and the time of the year where thinking […]

We may have accepted that there are some serious limitations to taking real mountaineering to your bicycle, particularly above a certain altitude but, have you heard, you can now climb the earth’s highest mountain on your trusted steed?..well, ok, in terms of height at least. Learn about cycling’s latest craze: Everesting! It’s a challenge that requires you to ride non-stop the vertical height of Mount Everest […]

100km is a distance that many cyclists will ride on a weekend without batting an eyelid. On UK roads there are more and more cyclists out at the weekend, putting in the miles, and riding further and further. However, on a mountain bike, riding that kind of distance, strictly off-road and especially down south, is a lot harder. […]

If you have read our article about choosing female cycle shorts then you may well have been intrigued by the bib shorts that offer easier access for bathroom stops.   by Fiona Outdoors   It’s one of those frustrating things about cycling in bib shorts for women. While bib shorts are super-comfy, they do cause […]

For women, borrowing your boyfriend’s jumper and, more relevantly, mixing up your cycling kit with the odd piece from the mens section, is great fun and opens up many more choices, which, arguably, are often still limited for female cyclists. When it comes to bib shorts, however, many women would have found out the hard way, that opting for […]

Last weekend we had the chance to have a little poke around ‘Spin London’, dubbed as the urban bicycle show, it’s a chance for many small start-ups and independent brands to get their stuff out there for the first time. While you won’t see the latest tech from big companies, Spin gives you plenty in the form of […]

  Imagine a self-contained, lockable cycle rack, that is free to use, free for local authorities to install, and which cyclists could operate simply by using a phone app. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But three friends and design graduates hope their idea — BikeVault — will soon become reality.   by […]

After much teasing on Instagram over the last week, BMC has finally unveiled their latest cross country hardtail, the new BMC Teamelite 01. Born out of feedback from BMC’s World Cup Cross Country team, including World Champion and Cross Country legend, Julien Absalon, the Teamelite 01 with its MTT upgrade, promises the riders what they have been looking […]

What is it about the combination of cycling and Italy that seems to create such emotion? Whether it’s cycling events such as the Giro d’Italia or L’Eroica, or legendary riders such as Fausto Coppi right up to today’s hero Vincenzo Nibali, a little bit of Italian influence can turn anything pedal-powered into something magical. Cycle […]