Riding in winter often means riding in the rain – but you can stay comfortable with a good waterproof jacket. A waterproof cycling jacket needs to be breathable, but how breathable depends upon the sort of riding you are doing. A commuter jacket might offer more insulation, with plenty of high viz features, whilst a […]

It’s easy to gain weight over Christmas – mince pies, endless office chocolates, and a constant stream of celebrations all add up, and so do the calories. If you’ve been riding hard all year, and trying to prepare yourself for the coming summer season, it’s likely you don’t want to be piling on the pounds […]

Six months ago we supported the London Cycling Campaign in their aims to make cycling safer by urging politicians to pledge Space for Cycling. We know that cycling is the best way to get around and as we’ve been trading in London since 1921 we want to ensure it remains a safe and enjoyable place […]

This summer, we began stocking kit from Fat Lad At the Back and the brand has now broadened its range to include women’s gear.  The Yorkshire based brand create kit that fits cyclists who are not racing whippet shaped – and by popular demand, they’ve created Fat Lass At the Back for curvaceous female riders, as […]

Riding through winter comes with a few side effects: chilly toes are one of the unfortunate ones, but other symptoms include huge smiles and improved fitness come summer. Thankfully, the chilly toes can be kept at bay with the addition of overshoes. These cover the vents on your summer cycling shoes, which can sometimes let […]

At Evans Cycles we sell “real bikes for real riders” – whatever their age. That means quality bicycles that will stand the test of time, and when choosing a proper kids bike, it’s important to make sure it fits the rider. If you’re looking to treat a little one with a brand new bike this […]

At Evans Cycles we know how important it is that a childs early experiences of cycling are good – and that a quality, lightweight bike drastically increases the chances of that happening. Budget childrens bikes might be tempting, but they’re often very heavy, and comparative to the weight of the little one aboard even heavier. […]

Young riders deserve to enjoy real bikes that are designed to fit them and to be proportionally appropriate for their weight; and HOY bikes are designed with that belief at front of mind. Developed by James Olsen, bike designer for HOY and Pinnacle bikes, and  Sir Chris – HOY bikes have child development, longevity and […]

RIDE INTRO Our final event of 2014 and our first time hosting a RIDE IT event in this area. We thought Thetford would be a great place to end the year, the terrain isn’t too challenging for the winter months so ideal for keeping your fitness ticking over as we head towards the festive period. In addition […]

We’ve had a lot of questions from HOY bike owners about the possibility of HOY clothing – and we’re pleased to lift the lid on the arrival of the kit in 2015. Sir Chris began working with clothing designers at Vulpine this year and the range from HOY Vulpine will feature performance cycling clothing as […]