Hi all. We’ve been putting out the road routes in the sun today and have our fingers crossed for the weekend!! Below is some important information, please read it to make your day go easier.   Firstly, just a reminder that the BOTH days are sold out – please do not come to the event hoping for […]

This spring, we’ve made it out mission to help you guys get out on your bikes, getting the miles in ready for an amazing summer of cycling. To motivate you to get riding, we’ve been creating playlists jam packed full of songs that are either all about riding, or make us want to swing our […]

Though it’s fair to say British weather can’t always be predicted, we’re sure the warm weather of summer is fast approaching. Kitting up for a brand new season is an essential part of preparing for a fantastic spring/summer – good quality kit will help you to ride longer, further, and if you’re more comfortable – […]

We’re sure you read ALL of our blogs – but just in case for any any reason you’ve missed a couple, through March and April we’ve been compiling #EvansEarlybird playlists to inspire you guys to get out riding your bikes this spring. We already shared #EvansEarlybird Playlist 1 – a list compiled from our own […]

RIDER TIMES Well done to everyone who made it over to Callander on the weekend for what were a great couple of days of riding. Your times are available using the links below Saturday MTB Sunday Sportive For any changes or queries please email Mike using the email address at the top of the times […]

We’re excited about spring – excited to be riding in the sun, without arm warmers, on ground that isn’t waterlogged. We’re super chuffed to be out on our bikes past six o’clock with the sun still in the sky… and we expect all of you guys are just as pleased. To celebrate the arrival of […]

Last week, we published our very first #EvansEarlybird playlist – an album compiled from Evans Cycles colleagues favourite cycling related songs, and songs that just made them want to ride. We didn’t want to hog the microphone, so last week we asked you guys to send us your favourite riding songs. With 92k + Facebook […]

Everyone who has ever competed in a race they’ve prepared long and hard for knows the feeling – but these guys probably know it in spades. Lee Valley Velodrome is almost bristling, the hairs on the back of its neck are on end and the air smells like anticipation as riders warm up. The Revolution […]

It wouldn’t be right of us to join any of the wheel size tribes – as a retailer, we need to stay neutral, and do our best to help every customer roll away on the bike that’s right for them. However, if you’re looking for a 27.5 inch wheel MTB that will tackle any trail, […]

The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced by the Government to help promote cycling through tax incentives. People who cycle often arrive at work happier and healthier – they save money on fuel or public transport, and save themselves the hassle of crammed carriages or traffic jams – so employers are often keen to encourage […]