We have to admit, we are surprised – a little bit. When we asked out Facebook fans this week if they thought Wiggins could triumph against 3 time world champ, Tony Martin, the answers were mainly ‘no’, though many said they hoped Wiggins could take the stripes. Wiggins had stated before the event that he […]

At the dawn of September, we were blessed with sunny mornings and warm afternoons, but as the season marches towards October, temperatures have begun to drop. This isn’t what any cyclist really wants to hear, of course – but there are upsides to the onset of autumn, and even the coming of winter. Quieter trails, […]

With autumn progressing and daylight hours diminishing it isn’t uncommon for summer cyclists to become less enthusiastic about getting out on their bikes. If you’ve been using your bike to get to and from work, it’s understandable to feel some concerns about continuing to do so if that means riding in the dark, but there […]

It’s been a busy week in cycling – we’ve had some controversy, some silly cops, some accidental race competitors, and an iconic moment in history, with a new world record. To keep you all entertained – here’s a look at some of the best videos we’ve come across this week: Monday: The Did They/Didn’t they […]

Hi All We’ve been out in the great Welsh countryside putting out the Sportive route today – in the sunshine!!  I rode the SHort again this year and it’s a great ride with scenic start over some high moorland. A fantastic descent brings you to the Long and then Short splits. Carrying along the Short you […]

Today is the day that Jens Voigt will join the elite group of cyclists who have pitted themselves against the hour. The Hour Record is unique, and it has a reputation for being one of the most, if not the most, mentally challenging events in cycling. A time trial presents its own special type of […]

Cyclocross (‘cross or CX) racing generally consists of a 1 hour eyeballs out effort, + 1 lap. Events begin around September, and the winter sport continues until February, with the World Championship events taking place in January. CX is often an exploit of road racers looking to maintain fitness over the winter months, but there […]

We’ve been sponsoring the Cycling Weekly Adventure X events all year, and we’re really excited about the next event in the series – the Galloway Gallop on Sunday, 21st September. Adventure X combines road and off-road sections for an exploratory experience which gives riders the chance to enjoy varied scenery whilst getting some tough miles […]

  We don’t think autumn deserves the bad reputation it has. Of course, there are some spontaneous showers and whirlwind moments when every direction benefits from a headwind – but there are also some sensational days that are not to be missed. One of the major struggles riders face on autumn is deciding what to […]

  The autumn months have a bit of a bad reputation – associated with bitter chill, downpours and tornado worthy blustery winds. Poor autumn mainly suffers because it precedes winter – one of the toughest times to ride. Few riders get excited about December (except perhaps cyclocross racers) and we tend to begrudge autumn for […]