There’s a well-known saying in cycling: ‘On the rivet.’ It means to be cycling at your absolute maximum, pushing yourself almost over the edge. And it derives from the days when bike racers used Brooks saddles, and would edge forward on the seat as they tried harder, finding themselves sitting literally on the rivet at […]

The tour has been in existing for over 100 years, and things have certainly changed in that time. Riders no longer have to cycle with their spare tyre wrapped around them, and their bikes probably weigh half of what their traditional predecessors did. The demands are quite different too, the race is now held over […]

Possibly no other single sporting event better captures the drama, pain, joy and despair of the human condition than the Tour de France. But wherever there are people pushing themselves to the limit to beat others, wherever emotions run high, there’ll be scandals. And among sporting events, the Tour leads the way in matters of […]

As the calendar counts down ever closer to the Tour De France, you may find that you’ve always wanted to get involved but don’t know how or whom to root for or what’s even going on. You may even watch the sport but haven’t been as involved this year. Well have no fear; here we […]

With the longer days finally here and some sunshine to boot, thoughts start to turn towards the main season goals. This is more relevant if your speciality is multi-stage events, endurance or even 24 hour racing. A few brave Evans Cycles staff members, for instance, have recently embarked on one such super-challenge, Mountain Mayhem, the UK’s oldest […]

Have you ever wondered why male cyclists shave their legs, whether you are a MAMIL, what a derailleur is and why you might need chamois cream? Cycling has many weird and wonderful facets, features and idiosyncrasies yet sometimes you might be too afraid (or, frankly, embarrassed) to ask anyone these questions. So we are bringing […]

Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and/or website every week? No problem! Every Monday we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up. Last week saw the arrival of some super-thrilling, long-awaited items including […]

Having recently launched our Right Bike Guarantee, we are confident we recognise the unique needs the individual cyclist may have. While bike fits and tech specs play a huge part, we also understand that beneath all the functional, calculated and practical ,there often also lies something more irrational, emotional and even positively impractical. No matter what type of rider you are, with all […]

Fat Lad at the Back caused quite a stir when they appeared on Dragon’s Den last year having to leave without any funding from the quite conservative Dragons who perhaps did not quite get their tongue-in-cheek Yorkshire humour. However, the success the brand has seen over the past 12 months certainly proves the investors’ decision wrong. The fun, colourful […]

It was back in April when we first introduced TRANSPYR, an incredibly tough 7 stage, off-road coast-to-coast race across the Pyrenees, by offering those dedicated riders among our customers and social media followers discounted entry to this year’s event starting in just a few days. The race sets off from Roses on the Mediterranean coast on the 28th of June and finishes in Hondarribia on […]